Infamous MLB ballhawk Zack Hample ‘eats it’ chasing home run

This time, the ball won.

Infamous MLB ballhawk Zack Hample had another prize in his sights on Monday night after the Giants’ Brandon Belt blasted a two-run homer in Philadelphia.

Replays showed Hample dashing for the ball only to crash to the ground while trying to leap over a row of seats.

“Watch this guy eat it! Whoops, see ya” was how the Giants broadcast described it.

It appears another fan — exerting far less effort — was able to secure the ball as Hample desperately reached for it.

“To all my friends who’ve been texting/DM-ing to ask if I’m okay, thank you! I’m fine. And to all the haters, I’ll be back at it tomorrow at a different stadium,” Hample tweeted.

Why are there Hample “haters”?

Well, it’s all explained right here.

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