LaLiga chief Tebas launches scathing attack on Luis Rubiales

Spain FA ‘kiss-gate’ chief Luis Rubiales is dubbed ‘a madman who touches his genitals’ in a scorching attack by head of the Spanish league Javier Tebas, as he says he’s ‘undermined the dignity’ of Jenni Hermoso and their country

  • LaLiga chief Tebas has launched a blistering attack on the disgraced Rubiales
  • FIFA are pushing for a 15-year ban for his behaviour at the World Cup final
  • New footage disproves his claim kiss with Jenni Hermoso was consensual  

Outspoken LaLiga chief Javier Tebas has launched a blistering attack on disgraced Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales, describing him as a ‘madman who touches his genitals’.

Rubiales’ shocking behaviour in which he appeared to grab his crotch in the presence of Spain’s Queen and her 16-year-old daughter, and then kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips, has overshadowed their Women’s World Cup triumph.

Tebas said Rubiales, who has refused to resign from his post despite being suspended by FIFA, had ‘undermined Jenni’s dignity and also that of Spain.’

Pressure is mounting on Rubiales, 46, to stand down with Spanish prosecutors opening a preliminary investigation into whether his ‘kiss’ amounts to sexual assault.

Tebas wrote on X: ‘It is unworthy to coerce the players of the national team and focus on them or on their hot reaction. They are not guilty of the image of Spain given by Rubiales.

LaLiga president Javier Tebas (right) had strongly criticised Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales (left) over his behaviour at the Women’s World Cup final

Spanish football federation chief Luis Rubiales was filmed appearing to grab his crotch as Spain’s Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter celebrated their World Cup win

Rubiales then kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the presentation ceremony – an act she says wasn’t consensual 

Spanish league president Javier Tebas launched an attack on Rubiales, whom he described as a ‘madman who touches his genitals’ who has ‘undermined the dignity of Spain’

Tebas didn’t hold back in his criticism of Rubiales in a post on social media site X

‘No opportunism or political hypocrisy justifies that the image of Spain has been represented by a madman touching his genitals, forcing kisses, carrying players like a sack and touching the Queen inappropriately [with an arm around her shoulders] at such an important moment.

‘It is not a question of left or right, Rubiales not only undermined Jenni’s dignity with his attitude, but also that of Spain.’

Tebas accompanied his outburst with four photographs of the incidents. Rubiales lifted player Athenea del Castillo over his shoulder during the celebrations. 

Rubiales sparked outrage after he kissed Hermoso on the mouth as she stepped up to receive her medal following Spain’s 1-0 win.

Footage also emerged that showed Rubiales grabbing his crotch while standing near Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter Princess Infanta Sofia – behaviour he apologised for.

Mail Sport revealed earlier this week that world football’s governing body FIFA will push for Rubiales to be banned from football for 15 years.

It came after Spanish FA officials requested that Rubiales resign with immediate effect, saying his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour had caused ‘grave harm to the image of Spanish football’.

Photos showed Rubiales carrying Athenea del Castillo on his shoulders after the final

Luis Rubiales is at the centre of the World Cup scandal after kissing Spanish women’s star Jennifer Hermoso (centre) on the mouth without consent after they won the World Cup 

The U-turn followed a threat from FIFA to ban Spain’s national teams and elite clubs from international competition if the Spanish FA refused to accept their punishment of Rubiales. 

In another remarkable development on Monday, it emerged that one of Rubiales’ final acts before his suspension last Friday was instructing the Spanish FA to write to UEFA complaining of government interference and asking for the federation to be suspended, which would mean their national teams and clubs would be automatically barred from European competitions.

UEFA rejected the request, however, as the disciplinary process is being handled by FIFA, and now consider the letter to be invalid as Rubiales has since been replaced by an interim president, Pedro Rocha.

On Wednesday, new footage emerged which refuted Rubiales’ claim that Hermoso has instigated a clinch with him during the medal ceremony and consented to being kissed. 

But new footage now looks to have rubbished those claims with it apparent that Rubiales jumped into the arms of Hermoso, rather than her lifting him from the ground. 

New footage has shown Luis Rubiales lifting his own weight off the ground (left) and into the arms of Jenni Hermoso, which goes against claims by the Spanish FA that she picked him up

Footage taken from the crowd and showing a wider shot of the Hermoso-Rubiales interaction shows Rubiales lifting his own weight off the ground, and thus disproving the claims of the FA.

Those claims consisted of an 800-word statement and four images in the early hours of Friday morning which bizarrely claimed that Mr Rubiales’ account – which claimed the kiss was consensual – was ‘absolutely true’ – despite the fact the images did not show the kiss at all.

Rubiales’ mother Angeles Bejar, who has locked herself in a church and gone on hunger strike in protest at the ‘inhumane’ treatment of her son, said she is willing to ‘die for justice.’ 

Speaking from her religious refuge in the Costa resort of Motril, near Malaga, she said she would carry on her protest ‘indefinitely’ until ‘justice’ was achieved for her son and has refused all food, but is drinking water and energy drinks.

‘I will stay here as long as my body holds out. I don’t mind dying for justice because my son is a decent person and it’s not fair what they’re doing,’ she said.

The mother of the head of Spain’s soccer federation Luis Rubiales, Angeles Bejar (left), was seen chatting with Vanesa Ruiz Bejar, her niece, at the church’s entrance on Monday afternoon

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