Mike Francesa blasts Pat Shurmur in another Giants tirade

Mike Francesa is notorious for ripping WFAN callers and guests.

On Monday, Giants coach Pat Shurmur became the subject of Francesa’s fury.

“You look like a bad team through two weeks,” Francesa told Shurmur of the 0-2 Giants during their weekly spot, as transcribed by NJ Advance Media. “I hate to say it, but you look like a terrible team. You’re not good at anything.”

Of course Francesa has a point, with the Giants well on their way to what would become their fourth straight season without playoff football. Shurmur responded only by saying his team has a lot to work on.

Francesa then shifted to the big topic of the day: Whether the Giants will end the Eli Manning era, and start rookie Daniel Jones next week against Tampa Bay, which Shurmur hinted was on the table hours before going on-air.

“This has been drawn out like a funeral march as the losses have piled up. If I was Eli, I would be so sick of this, it would be ridiculous,” Francesa said of the 38-year-old franchise quarterback. “Because to go through this and keep losing has got to be awful. He’s been doing this now for years, this whole thing, and he’s not winning any games along the way, which has got to make it tough.”

Said Shurmur: “That’s obviously something for you to talk with Eli about.”

But Francesa may not get the chance, as Manning pulled out of his weekly radio spot with Francesa before this season, in order to spend more time with his family.

It’s been a contentious few months between Francesa and the Giants. After joining the masses in slamming the Giants for selecting Jones too early with the No. 6 pick in the draft, Francesa was not permitted to speak with GM Dave Gettleman during his annual training camp program, which he then canceled.

“Was invited but told there would be no access to GM,” Francesa tweeted in August. “Dave Gettleman should have enough confidence and conviction to explain his decisions. If he is hiding, I’ll pass.”

Pat Hanlon, the Giants’ senior vice president of communications, responded by regurgitating Francesa’s Giants rant following the draft: “Refresher:

“The Giants now act like losers, they have no plan like losers, and the people running the team, in my estimation, are losers. I don’t believe a word Gettleman says. Not a word. He lied to everyone about what he was doing. … the Giants are an utter embarrassment.”

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