Mike Francesa: I predicted Kentucky Derby disaster

Mike Francesa is usually in the wrong. But on this Saturday, May 4 ,2019 — mark it down — he may be right.

And he won’t let you forget it,

“I said it to my wife as soon [as I saw it],” the gasbag told WFAN peer Kim Jones, via Francesa chronicler @BackAftaThis. “I said, ‘the winner was all over the track.’ I’ve seen enough races in my life.”

To recap: Maximum Security indisputably crossed the finish line first, and was crowned the unofficial winner. But then came the challenge flag from his competitors, who contested Lius Saez’s horse impeded the path of others near the end of the race.

The stewards took the instant out of replay, and 20 minutes passed before they ruled Maximum Security did interfere, catapulting Country House into the winner’s circle.

“Congratulations to the Kentucky stewards for doing the right thing,” Francesa tweeted before going on the radio. “The winner had to come down.”

And that was all Mike from Manhasset had to say, until the horse-racing fanatic hopped back on the air.

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