Mourinho insists Dele Alli regrets coronavirus video as he reveals plans for Tottenham to go on pre-season tour of Asia – The Sun

JOSE MOURINHO has spoken with Dele Alli over the star’s coronavirus controversy.

The Tottenham boss also revealed his club are planning a pre-season trip to Asia, but want “guarantees” before agreeing to travel.

The FA have asked Dele, 23, for his observations after he put a video on Snapchat in which he joked about the outbreak and appeared to mock an Asian man.

He later deleted the post and then released a new video on Chinese social media platform Weibo to apologise.

Mourinho said at his Press conference today: “Yes, of course I spoke with him about that. But for me it was quite an easy conversation because he was sorry about, let's say, the mistake but it was never his intention to hurt, offend.

“He immediately regretted it, recognised it was a young guy mistake, a young generation mistake. And he apologised. So my conversation was easy.

“It was not a contradiction of ideas with me unhappy and him not understanding why. It was so simple.

“He regrets it, and that's the best feeling he can show and to have the humility to apologise is remarkable because sometimes young people make mistakes and do not realise.

“This conversation was so easy.”

He immediately regretted it, recognised it was a young guy mistake. And he apologised. So my conversation was easy

The coronavirus outbreak has led to more than 900 deaths in China, with over 40,000 cases reported worldwide.

The UK government has described the virus as a "serious and imminent threat" to public health.

Tottenham went on a pre-season trip to Singapore and China last summer.

Mourinho revealed: “I can say our solidarity is with anyone fearing this situation in China and all over the world. Solidarity with people already with coronavirus, especially the people who died and their families who are suffering.

“Our connection with the Asian fans is obvious, so we care about it.

“Are we thinking about going to Asia in the pre-season? Yes, we are – but we need guarantees of safety for our people.

“Although we are not thinking about this at the moment. We're thinking about the people affected.”

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