MVG warns Peter Wright hes showing "weakness" with his Michael Smith comments

Michael van Gerwen has slammed Peter Wright for comments he allegedly made before last week's Premier League final between Michael Smith and Gary Anderson.

The world champion is alleged to have had a dig at Smith’s inability to win finals whilst talking to fellow Scotsman Anderson within ear shot of Bully Boy before the two went up on stage.

Anderson was in scintillating form as he beat the Englishman 6-4 in the final, averaging over 104, to claim week six of the Premier League in Nottingham, his first night win.

Wright, who beat Smith in the 2022 World Championship final is alleged to have said: “Good luck Gaz, he can't win in a final.”

But Van Gerwen believes that Wright is showcasing his own weaknesses by making quips like that.

“I wouldn’t make jokes about that because I think you then show your own weakness. You’re crossing a line there I think,” MVG said.

“With my ability and my experience, I’ve seen not winning for a while and I know how things go. I’m part of it if I can annoy someone in a funny way I will not hesitate especially when I can make a joke about someone. But not things like when Michael isn’t winning.”

However, MVG has told Smith he needs to stop concerning himself with what others are saying: “Why is he worrying about what people say?

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“If people say that about me do you really think I care? Peter Wright tells everyone at every World Championship what he is going to do and if I have to believe all that or if I have to interfere with all that nonsense what the players tell about me, it’s a day job.

“That’s exactly what I mean that he has to learn to not get distracted by things like that.”

In typically confident style, the three-time world champion suggested that he isn’t affected by anything anyone says about him. “People are interfering with too many different things.

“If Peter Wright says for instance something about me of his opinion or (what) he thinks then yeah, who am I to judge that? He can say whatever he wants but you need to have a thick skin.”

But Van Gerwen insists that he will never sledge someone himself, saying: “People know me better than that, I never did and I never will.

“Of course in the practise room we have a bit of banter but most of the time players you play in the first round of the tournament.

“Let’s say me and Michael Smith we are not going to annoy each other before the game because we are pros and know what we’re doing. Of course there will be things that are said but not in a bad way, never.”

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