New Spurs manager Antonio Conte's inner circle, including his brother and technical coach Gianluca and wife Elisabetta

ANTONIO CONTE has been named as the Tottenham manager but it doesn't end there.

Usually when he takes on a new role, he brings with him an entourage of coaches and fitness experts with him to the Tottenham job.

From his trusted older brother Gianluca, who has worked with the new Spurs boss at five different clubs, to wife Elisabetta – they have all been instrumental in Conte's success in the past.

And while his backroom staff is yet to be confirmed, SunSport has gone on past working relationships to determine his preferred team to work with.

But, you can bet he will keep it in the family for his first appointment.


Since 2007, Gianluca, 56, has been a constant presence by Antonio's side.

They started off at Bari together, then they've held jobs with Sienna, Juventus, Italy, Chelsea and Inter Milan.

An analyser of the game, Gianluca was a technical coach in his last role at Inter.

He also played professionally for Lecce, like his sibling.

“I’ve been working with Antonio for 13 years and I’m used to the way he experiences a game," Gianluca revealed.

"He is passionate. We know full well that he would go out and play with the boys if he could – he’s a caged lion. This passion defines him and he tries to impart it."

He added: "Antonio is a perfectionist, he always strives for excellence and everyone at the club is doing their utmost."


Current Inter assistant manager Stellini has worked with Conte three times.

They were at Siena, then formed a dream team at Juventus and Inter Milan – winning Serie A titles.

The 47-year-old took control of three Inter games last season, when Conte was suspended, and won all of them.

But Conte will have a tough job on his hands persuading Stellini to join his new project, considering Stellini is a boyhood Inter fan.


Currently without a club after leaving Inter, Vanoli is as likely as Gianluca Conte to team up with his old boss.

He has experience of coaching in England, after a stint at Stamford Bridge from 2017-18.

Vanoli is credited with helping improve the defensive side of Conte's teams.

"My job is to follow the defensive phase: what I need to do is improve the individuals," he said.

"It’s not easy to play three at the back, there are a lot of concepts to internalise. Our job is to coach them all in the same manner."


Ancora has worked with Conte every step of the way.

Also from Lecce, the 56-year-old is a nutritionist and personal trainer that will guide Spurs stars' diets and fitness plans.

He comes with an incredible CV – having worked with the Italian national team.

Goalkeeper legend Gigi Buffon led the tributes on his last day with the national team, praising his work.

He also has a different opinion on Conte, who is normally presented as such a serious personality.

“Antonio Conte is the top," he told Italian website Any Given Sunday.

"He is above all a sunny person, joyful and with a ready joke. Absolutely exquisite. A hoot, it's not what it may seem on TV, when you see it all in one piece marked by its competitive charge.

"A person with a unique balance and goodness ".


Elisabetta, 45, has been by Conte's side for the majority of his football career as a player and manager.

The pair were together for 15 years before they married in 2003.

She and daughter Vittoria were his rock when he was under investigation for match-fixing.

Conte said of his family: "I have a great woman by my side, one who always tries to understand me.

"As for my daughter, she is the other woman in my life.

"She is beginning to understand that her dad gets nervous when he does not win".


Fitness coach Coratti is the man charged with ensuring Conte's side don't stop running.

The 53-year-old was also with Chelsea, so understands the physical challenges of the Premier League.

Prior to working with Conte, he worked in the lower leagues, including a spell with Calcio Sora in Serie C.

He is old school and will push Harry Kane and Co hard to make them the fittest side in the land.


Rehab coach Bruno specialises in ensuring the players stay fit and healthy on and off the pitch.

He and Conte worked at Bari first, then most recently with Inter.

"Today, Antonio Conte isn’t the same person as he was 13 years ago in certain respects, but hard work has been a constant for him, and he’s always worked to achieve a single result," he said.

"In terms of injury prevention, there’s a whole lot involved: the daily work done on the pitch, what is done at home, how the players sleep, what they eat. All of these pieces put together lead to results over the course of the season."

Bruno is a dead cert to join Conte's Spurs regime, having left Inter.


Perhaps the most unlikely to leave his post, Bonaiuti is still with Inter as goalkeeping coach – where he's held that post since 2013.

He has a very strong bond with No1Samir Handanovic, and loves working with the Slovenian.

Gianluca Spinelli was Conte's goalkeeper coach at Chelsea, but he is now with PSG and also unlikely to leave the French champions.

Sacked Nuno Espirito Santo brought Rui Barbosa to the club when he arrived to work with Hugo Lloris.

But it remains to be seen who will take the post now.

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