NHL widow Emily Cave lashes out at COVID-19 deniers

Emily Cave has a message as fellow Albertans gripe about coronavirus restrictions.

The Canadian province has seen a COVID-19 cases skyrocket this week with Premier Jason Kenney announcing that indoor group fitness classes and team sports will be prohibited from Nov. 13-27.

Cave, the widow of former Edmonton Oilers center Colby Cave who died suddenly in April, urged people to take the safety protocols seriously.

“I have kept my opinions regarding COVID to myself or people in my close circle but today I hit my breaking point with Alberta making new restrictions,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I personally see and hear so many people complaining. I understand a lot of people feel that they won’t get it & if they did they would survive it, however, what would happen if your loved one became sick very fast with something else, was in a car accident, or was dying.

“& then because of the COVID restrictions you weren’t allowed to be with them?!?!? My 25 year old husband died alone… I have no clue what his last breath was like… I have yet to be able to have a funeral because of this global pandemic.”

Colby Cave died after emergency surgery to remove a colloid cyst from his brain was unsuccessful. He suffered an acute obstructive hydrocephalus, a condition in which an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid occurs within the brain, causing pressure inside the skull.


He was kept in a medically induced coma until his death on the morning of April 11.

“So for goodness sake, wear a mask. Wash your freaking hands & it’s not the end of your world if you can’t go to house parties or do things that are essentially a ‘luxury’ in your blessed world,” she continued. “Because let me tell you… It’s not a luxury having your husband die alone. It’s not a luxury getting a phone call saying he’s dead compared to being there holding his hand.

“It’s not a luxury losing a loved one during a freaking global pandemic.”

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