Numbers Defeat Florida State In Out-Of-Conference Matchup

What the fresh hell’s going on here?

There are four days until “Noles football” starts, but because some dingus put a player in a No. 15 jersey next to the actual number, it seems that the season won’t actually kick off for 154 days, which is December 30. Or is it 15 multiplied by 4, and the jersey is acting as parentheses? You know how college football algebra can get. Presumably the tweet is talking about training camp or something like that, since the team doesn’t actually play a game until August 31.

As bad as this Florida State Twitter screwup is, it still doesn’t compete with the time when they put a football glove on Martin Luther King Jr. and had him do the tomahawk chop. That was this past January, actually.

H/t to Daniel

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