The REAL reason Gerwyn Price and Daryl Gurney had fight at Premier League Darts

But Sky Sports pundit John Part and Wayne Mardle were both struggling to work out why the incident occurred last night.

“It looked like Daryl was more upset,” said three-time world champion Part.

“I think he had a little bit of relief getting a draw, the thing is I think he let if get the better of him.

“Price was okay, he didn’t really realise the aggro was there and obviously he’s going to stand up for himself. ‘Definitely Daryl was worked up about something.”

Mardle added: “I don’t know what he did wrong, we didn’t hear anything, we didn’t see anything.

“All we know is at the end was that Daryl Gurney was definitely the aggressor there.”

A draw wasn’t the most ideal result for either player, with both currently sat outside the top four.

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