Tommy Fury brands Jake Paul 'cunning' for fighting Tyron Woodley as he breaks down YouTuber's boxing career

TOMMY FURY has called Jake Paul very 'cunning' for his decision to take on Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring.

The YouTuber will lock horns with the former UFC welterweight champion in a grudge match on August 28.

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Light-heavyweight prospect Fury – brother of The Gypsy King Tyson – threw his name into the hat to face the social media star but was ultimately snubbed.

And the Love Islander reckons Paul is doing a stellar job of steering clear of real fighters, saying: "If he gets in the ring with me, it's going to be dangerous for him then.

"Keep fighting these clowns that he's always fighting and it's not going to be dangerous for him.

"He's a very cunning man. He's earned a lot of money in his career, he's a very smart man.

"I've heard a lot of talk about this guy that he's fighting, this Tyron Woodley. He's a five-time UFC champion.

"What everyone has got to understand is that if there was any point of Tyron Woodley beating Jake Paul, that contract wouldn't have got signed.


"Why would Jake Paul put himself in a situation where he's gonna get knocked spark out or even have a foothold in the fight?

"It isn't going to happen. All you're going to see is another Jake Paul victory. Somewhere down that contract or something, you're going to see Jake Paul W."

Fury is adamant Paul will never test himself against a seasoned pro, adding: "He's not going to fight anybody who can put a test up because he doesn't need to.

"He's making a fortune off of YouTube, he's doing this boxing thing so he can make a bit more money.

"Why's he's gonna get his teeth knocked in for nothing? He's not a stupid man.

"Whatever he does in his career, you can almost guarantee that he wins at the end of it because he's the sole thingy.

"You grab these MMA guys that are used to fighting for three hundred of four hundred grand and you say, 'Come here, mate, I'll pay you five or six million' – which is nothing to him – they're going to take it all day long.

"Because they've fought their whole career for four or five hundred grand and then they're going to fight a YouTuber for three or four million, it's going to happen every day of the week, isn't it?"

Fury, 22, would love to share the ring with the former Disney star but is refusing to fixate himself on the fight.

He said: "Jake Paul is what he is, you know. Like Frank [Warren] said: if the fight comes, it comes. And I'll take it with both hands because it's easy money.

"People ask me, 'Why are you getting involved with him? Why is Floyd Mayweather, one of the best to ever do it, fighting his brother Logan?' It's easy money.

"At the end of the day, I'm not going to focus myself on Jake Paul.

"I've got my own career, I've got my own path to take and my own journey to follow.

"But if he comes into that somewhere along the line, of course I'm gonna take that. I'll butcher him for nothing.

"It's an easy fight to make. But calling my name is the wrong move for him.

"So whenever that fight happens, it happens. But until then, he doesn't even come into my mind.

"Saturday night is where my mind is on. I've got a job to do and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Fury will be back in action on Saturday night, taking on the 2-0 Jordan Grant at the Telford International Centre.

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