Tyson Fury reveals sex ban ahead of fight with Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury has revealed he has ditched the intense masturbation regime he boasted about ahead of his last fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday and says he has a no-sex policy.

Fury claimed before their previous fight that he was “eating five or six meals a day, drinking eight litres of water” and “masturbating seven times a day”. But ahead of the final meeting in their heavyweight trilogy, Fury says he is abstinent.

“No s******g before fights? Nah, that’s a myth, don’t believe it,” he said. “But my d**k will be in my pants. It’s in there more or less full-time but it might be coming out after the fight.

“I don’t believe in sex in training camp, I am an old school fighter and I like to keep nice and strong, keep it all in the tank and then take out all the aggression on the night. I’m not relieving myself once a week, let alone once or seven times a day. I don’t even remember when I had my last w**k!”

Fury has also said he has a new and unusual ploy to get his fists ready for the challenge, as he aims to retain his multiple heavyweight titles.

“I was speaking to an old legendary bare-knuckle fighter from the travelling community, he’s called Big Joe Joyce. He told me about dipping his hands in petrol to toughen them up. So for this fight I’ll be dipping my hands in petrol for five minutes a day during the last three or four weeks of the training camp to really toughen them up.

“It worked for him, so I’m going to give it a try.”

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