Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight could still happen in UK thanks to coronavirus vaccine – if it's rolled out in time

TYSON FURY vs Anthony Joshua could still happen in the UK If a Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out in time.

UK promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn have always insisted the heavyweight prize fighters must take to the show to wherever they can earn the most, with the Middle East, China and Las Vegas all interested.

But the Gypsy King's American matchmaker Bob Arum told SunSport the biggest fight in British boxing history could be a home fixture – if the boffins beat the virus in the first quarter of 2021.

Arum said: "We have a number of places contending to do that fight but no serious discussions have been made.

"Tyson Fury needs to win his fight on December 5 and much more difficult Joshua winning his fight on December 12.

"Let's be optimistic, I really believe with the words on this vaccine coming down the pipe, let's assume it's being widely distributed by February, which I'm told is a good possibility, by May or June we're not going to have to worry about coronavirus.

"We'll be back to a normal time. We can't run our lives thinking coronavirus will be with us forever.

"There will be a time with the vaccine that we can conquer it and I'm optimistic that will happen in the first quarter of next year.

"The promoters, whether it's Eddie and Joshua or myself, Frank and Tyson, we're going to put the fight on where it makes the most sense economically wise."

Fury, 32, fancies the all-English double more than ever, after finding a newfound respect for AJ.

Deontay Wilder's embarrassing excuses and scandalous accusations, in the wake of his February whooping, have turned Fury right off and reminded him of how well Joshua handled his 2019 loss to Andy Ruiz Jr.

The WBC king said: “If we both come through our December fights then I hope this fight finally gets made when we are both heavyweight world champions – at the top of our careers – and I hope it can happen twice next year.

“Me and AJ are rivals, we have been for a long time, but he handled his defeat to Andy Ruiz like a man , he took it in his stride, he didn’t make a single excuse.

“He said ‘well done, I will see you next time’ and if that happens to me then I hope I can react like that.

“If people are going into a fight with an injury they need to pull out or never mention it. AJ just said ‘I got beat by the better man on the night’ and that was class.”


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