UFC champ Stipe Miocic happy to box Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury but rules out Mike Tyson fight after Jones Jr comeback

STIPE MIOCIC has revealed he'd love to fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury in the boxing ring – but has ruled out a scrap with Mike Tyson.

The MMA champ, 38, takes on Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 tonight.

But Miocic already has one eye on his future and is tempted to swap the octagon for the boxing ring.

The American star has admitted he'd tempted by a showdown with British heavyweights AJ and Fury – who will fight each other in an all-British unification fight this summer after the contracts were finally signed.

When asked if he'd fancy a boxing match with Joshua or Fury, Miocic told TMZ Sports: "I would love it.

"It would be just a different – get out of my comfort zone.

"Plus it’s a fight, anything can happen and I know I can make something happen.

"I just got a task at hand right now. I gotta worry about [Ngannou], that’s all I care about.

"But, I’d love to dip my toe into that ring."

However, UFC ace Miocic admitted he wouldn't dream of going up against Iron Mike after his comeback to boxing against Roy Jones Jr in November.


Miocic continued: "That I will pass on. I will pass on that one.

"That dude looked exactly the same when he fought Roy Jones Jr as he did when he was 20 years old.

"So, no, I’m good.

"I love Mike Tyson. I think he’s awesome."

Earlier this week, Miocic had already revealed he fancied trying his luck in the boxing ring.

On the prospect of fighting Joshua or Fury, Miocic told ESPN: “It's a different combat, boxing is all about technique.

“It's more of a fair fight (than if they fought in MMA); we both fight standing but we can kick and take down, and they're not used to that.”

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