Wade lookalike working in builders warehouse losing will to live at 180 jibes

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The big stage, the crowd adulation, the prize money on offer, most people would love to be a world famous darts player for a day.

Some may even settle for being wrongly recognised as one, if it meant temporary perks and a brief surge in popularity. Being categorised as a lookalike as one of the best PDC performers on the planet though, is seemingly a different matter altogether.

Jewson employee Charles Tootens claims "he's had enough" at work due to his striking resemblance to James Wade. 'The Machine', who has won 11 major PDC titles, has been an iconic figure on the circuit ever since he won the 2007 World Matchplay event at the age of 24.

And for Tootens, the situation isn't helped by dint of the fact that in March 2021, Jewson became a major sponsor of the Hampshire man. He now bears their logo on his shirt during televised events, and also runs competitions with customers, providing branded merchandise and even playing virtual darts.

In a released video, the warehouse employee has described how the joke has escalated to the point where he can no longer stand it. "At first it wasn't too bad," he said. "A few people called me James, as in James Wade, but I didn't watch the darts so it didn't really matter.

"But now it's gone past a joke and I've had enough of it. People don't stop going on. Jewson sponsored this fella James Wade and it's just made it all worse for me." Despite claiming he doesn't see the resemblance, he admitted to now doing his hair differently and wearing contact lenses to try and deter any taunts.

"I've seen the bloke on telly he seems to be quite miserable you know. I'm nothing like that I'm quite a happy guy. And personally, I don’t think I'm as big as him," continued Tootens.

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However, despite his protests, the video showed how customers will actually manipulate their purchases to £180 just to hear Tootens ask for '180', while team-mates dub his hot beverages a 'one eight-tea'. The employee added: "I love working here, we all have a good laugh, the staff are brilliant, it's just the James Wade thing really."

But while Tootens might detest his links to the the world No 5, Jewson marketing manager Stephen Leeson said the company's partnership with Wade had proved "massively popular," and wouldn't be ending anytime soon.

"It's been great for our colleagues and customers to see the Jewson logo loud and proud on national TV every week," he argued. "So although it's brought a little bit of unwanted fame for 'Chuck', it's good for us because now we've got a lookalike in case James isn't available for events."

Tootens did admit he wanted Wade to come to the branch to meet him, just so he could prove the star "looks nothing like" him.

The Daily Star wishes a happy April Fool's Day to all readers.

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