Who is Aymeric Laporte's girlfriend Sara Botello and does Man City ace have children with her?

MAN CITY are in a pretty good place at the moment, just one game away from the title.

And so is defender Aymeric Laporte, who is dating stunning dancer Sara Botello.

She looks incredible in a bikini…

Part and parcel of being a top wag is looking great in a bikini. And Sara isn't afraid to show off her gorgeous bikini-bod.

Whether it's taking a dip in the pool, posing on a sunbed or even in a posh resort we can see exactly why she turns heads in Spain as one of football's premier wags.

But she's no airhead… she's a talented dancer…

If sunning herself is all you think Sara does, you'd be well wrong.

The brunette beauty is a trained dancer, having performed ballet and contemporary dance in shows in Bilbao.

And as you can see, she's as supple as can be.

But just because she does ballet, it doesn't mean she's averse to cheerleading…

Sara isn't one of those stuffy ballet dancers you get that'll do ballet and ONLY ballet.

The 24-year-old hottie is also a cheerleader, regularly appearing alongside a bevvy of beauties the professional basketball team of Bilbao called Bilbao Basket.

And judging by the below snaps, she's very well versed in shaking her pompoms.

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