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1923 episode 8 promo teaser from Paramount+

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After the first season of 1923 came to an end, fans are taking a break from all Dutton family drama until the hit series is back with its second season. Recently, Cara Dutton actress Helen Mirren hinted at what fans could expect to see in the upcoming season. 

The first season of 1923 concluded with Cara’s nephew Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) still far away from the ranch in Montana. 

Meanwhile at the ranch, pitiless Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) informed Jacob (Harrison Ford) that he practically owned the Dutton’s after he paid the property taxes on their ranch. 

And following on from the drama of season one, Mirren spoke with Deadline on what she expects from Spencer in Season two.

When asked what her gut-feeling was towards Spencer’s return to the ranch, she believed the character would be back in Montana “pretty quickly”. 

The actress explained: “I think Spencer’s gonna show up pretty quickly. He made a great storyline, which was really beautiful to watch.”

Fans didn’t see Cara’s nephew Spencer return from his treacherous voyage back home though, and it wasn’t clear how much longer he will be.

“I hope Spencer comes home soon, though. I don’t know how many more letters I’ve got in me” she added. 

Rather than returning to the family’s ranch after the war, Spencer became a big game hunter in Africa, where he met his wife, Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer), before deciding to return to Montana.

Spencer found himself in a tense situation during his quest to get back to the Yellowstone ranch. 

Aboard a ship with Alexandra, the pair ran into trouble after a fateful altercation with Alexandra’s former fiancé.

The fight resulted in the couple becoming separated, but the pair vowed to reunite in Bozeman, Montana.

And in an interview with TVLine, Sklenar hinted his character has more hardships to come, saying he will be a “different man” when fans see him return in season two.

But when it comes to character Cara Dutton, things seem to be more plain sailing as writer Taylor Sheridan describes her as a woman “very much of her era”. 

But this doesn’t seem to last as season two approaches, when the actress hinted her storyline has much more to offer. 

Mirren explained: “I’m fascinated to see where Cara is going to go. Taylor did say she is very much of her era.

“She’s looking after the house, that is what her job is. But then he said, ‘Wait, things are going to happen’. So we’ll see,” the actress added.

Ahead of the second run of 1923, Mirren admitted she had no idea it would be renewed for a season two. 

The actress confessed: “No, that came later.” referring to the season two renewal. 

She continued: “His concept was always this was going to be a 10-hour movie, basically. Now it’s becoming a 20-hour movie. 

“I think he realised he had so many wonderful elements, he needed more time, which was very happy news as far as I was concerned.”

1923 is streaming on Paramount+.

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