23 Shondaland Men Who Know How to Get Away with Making Us Swoon

Regé-Jean Page

Page, who previously starred in Shondaland’s law drama For the People, has skyrocketed to stardom since his turn as Simon Basset, the charmingly brooding Duke of Hastings, in the new hit series Bridgerton. Oh, the things we’d do to be the Duke’s silver spoon …

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Martins Imhangbe

Imhangbe steals the spotlight as a boxing entrepreneur and the Duke’s loyal (and incredibly attractive) best friend in Bridgerton, which marks his TV debut. 

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Jonathan Bailey

While many women are likely to vie for the viscount’s heart in the period piece’s second season, we’d also like to volunteer for a dance with the eldest Bridgerton boy. Bailey previously starred on a handful of British TV series, as well as in London’s West End revival of Company

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Luke Newton

The dashing young men of Bridgerton are effectively endless. Naive, friendly Colin is brought to life by Newton, a British actor previously known for his role in BBC drama The Cut.

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Freddie Stroma

Before he was a Prussian prince in Bridgerton, Stroma rose to fame as the arrogant Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter films.  Having traded up his broom for the ballroom, the gentlemanly Prince certainly won our hearts — even if he didn’t manage to snag Daphne’s hand. 

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Zach Gilford

The Friday Night Lights star landed the role of Dr. Tommy Fuller in the short-lived series Off the Map, which ran for only one season in 2011. 

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Torrance Coombs

Before there was Bridgerton, there was Still-Star Crossed, a period piece that picks up where Romeo & Juliet left off. Coombs played Count Paris, which is as attractive a title as any. The actor has popped up in a number of period dramas over the years, including Reign and The Tudors.  

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Tim Daly

Daly’s Dr. Pete Wilder was a beloved cast member of Grey’s spinoff Private Practice — but when his character (spoiler alert!) was killed off at the start of the final season, it was revealed that his departure from the show was due to budget cuts. 

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Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs in a suit. Need we say more? The actor looking this sharp is reason enough to watch Private Practice, in which he played Dr. Samuel Bennett.

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Okieriete Onaodowan

The Hamilton actor and Grammy Award-winner lights up the Seattle-based series Station 19, as firefighter Dean Miller. 

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Jay Hayden

Hayden’s yet another recurring leading man on Shondaland productions, with roles in both The Catch and Station 19 — with a few steamy shirtless scenes in both. 

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Boris Kodjoe

There should be a separate category for the sexiest shaved heads on Shondaland. Kodjoe — who would be exceptionally high on the list — plays the complicated Captain Robert Sullivan in Station 19.

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Grey Damon

Damon smolders as firefighter Jack Gibson in Station 19. And with a name like Grey, how could he not guest star in Grey’s Anatomy for a few seasons? (Damon appeared in seasons 16 and 17.)

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Tony Goldwyn

Goldwyn played President Fitz Grant, one of Olivia Pope’s adoring paramours on Scandal. If his role as the needy leader didn’t tickle your fancy, you might be impressed to know Goldwyn is also an accomplished director, voice actor and singer.

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Jesse Williams

You’ll have to forgive us, we couldn’t choose between a picture of Williams’ washboard abs and a close-up of his eyes, the color of which can best be described as the shade of the ocean when you’re sipping piña coladas and awash in sunshine on a tropical vacation. The dad of two taught high school before doing the world a favor and getting in front of the camera as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. Now why is there still not an official Jesse Williams Appreciation Day on the calendar?

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Billy Brown

Holding your own opposite Viola Davis is no easy task, but Brown did it in style as assertive detective Nate Lahey on How to Get Away with Murder. This silver fox had us tuning in to every episode and hoping we’d be gifted with a scene that offered a glimpse of his incomprehensibly well-toned back.

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Martin Henderson

The New Zealand-born hunk has cropped up in a number of Shondaland shows, from Inside the Box and Off the Map to Grey’s Anatomy. While he departed his role in Grey’s — Dr. Nathan Riggs — after two seasons, Rhimes suggested it wouldn’t be their last time working together. “He will always be family. I can’t wait to find a new project to work with him on in the future,” she told Deadline

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Alfred Enoch

Dean Thomas is all grown-up folks! If only we could use polyjuice potion to give all guys this British hottie’s dreamy looks. A graduate of the Harry Potter-verse, he inspired crushes around the world as How to Get Away with Murder’s Wes Gibbins. The law student with a heart of gold’s tragic troubles broke our hearts, largely because of Enoch’s irresistible puppy dog eyes.

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Scott Foley

Foley has done Shondaland double duty as both a guest star on Grey’s Anatomy and a series regular on Scandal. As former Pentagon employee Jake Ballard, Foley competed for Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) attention, but we doubt the actor has had any competition when it comes to winning hearts in real life. And frankly, Pope is probably the only woman who could choose another man over the strong, lovable spy.

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Matt McGorry

The jury is still out on whether McGorry looks better in his Orange Is the New Black prison guard uniform or his fancy How to Get Away with Murder suits. Take all the time you need examining the evidence to come up with your own verdict. And make sure you take a look at photos from the actor’s former bodybuilding days, you know, for research.

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Patrick Dempsey

Yes, we’re aware, Dr. Derek Shepherd is now one of our dearly departed. But it just didn’t seem right not to include the Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob in a round-up of the best and brawniest of Shondaland. Patrick Dempsey is and always will be one of our favorite TV crushes.

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Eric Dane

While McSteamy may be gone, his memory lives on in our hearts forever. The Grey’s Anatomy star’s soft smile is forever a weak point for us. 

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Charles Michael Davis

The second season of For the People got a lot hotter with the addition of Shondaland alumnus Davis, who played Ted, a new investigator. Previously, Davis got his big break with a storyline on Grey’s in season 9 as resident Jason Myers. 

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