9-1-1 Lone Star boss admits he ‘regrets’ major death

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The fourth season of 9-1-1 Lone Star has already stepped up the drama with a heart-stopping mission to take down a dangerous biker gang known as the Honor Dogs. In episode six, This Is Not a Drill, the storyline came to a devastating conclusion on Fox which kicked things off with the sad death of Agent Rose Casey (played by Amanda Schull).

9-1-1 Lone Star’s co-creator Tim Minear has revealed why Agent Casey was killed off so soon after her introduction.

The fourth season introduced Schull as an agent tasked with investigating the Honor Dogs extremist group, and fans quickly grew attached to the newcomer.

Sadly, her story lasted just six episodes, as the latest outing wiped out nine FBI agents and 10 bikers in a devastating explosion.

The remaining FBI team worked out that their presence in Honor Dogs HQ probably triggered the bomb accidentally, and their fatal mistake will undoubtedly have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the season.

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Minear has now revealed Agent Casey “had” to die, as the story needed “a casualty that mattered” to motivate the rest of the task force”.

“For me, Agent Casey is a character whose heart was in the right place,” he continued.

“As a storyteller, you want it to be impactful – and you want to affect somebody where it’s going to matter, to your main character. So that is why she had to go.”

Schull had just six episodes to establish herself within the group, and fans’ crushed reactions to her departure have certainly proved she was successful.

Some fans had even speculated she could be a permanent love interest for 9-1-1 hero Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) before her demise.

However, she also butted heads with the firefighter captain as they had different approaches to the Honor Dogs investigation.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Minear revealed he would have “loved to have kept Amanda around” and admitted to having some regrets about killing her off.

The co-creator’s comments may not be enough to console fans of the show, many of whom were shocked by Casey’s unexpected death.

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Redditor u/Fantastic-Size-8631 posted: “Did [Rose] just die in [episode six]???

“I know this show has a trend of killing main cast’s loved ones but this is so early in the season and I was shocked…

“Like I really thought she would be Owen’s hot babe this season.”

To which u/count_strahd_z replied: “She was an interesting character. I was surprised they were that bold to actually kill her off.”

@samanthameliaa tearfully tweeted: “I’m so sad they killed off Rose.”

@BillingsOctavia posted a broken heart and said: “Oh no Rose… she didn’t make it!!”

“Can’t believe rose actually died for real,” @InvertedStorm added.

While @AmberMera007 wrote: “I didn’t like Agent Casey, but I wanted her to redeem herself. I had hope for her. She didn’t deserve to die!” (sic)

Some fans are still hoping Casey’s death will be revealed to have been a fake-out in the next episode, but Minear’s comments sadly seem to confirm the case is closed on the FBI agent.

9-1-1 Lone Star continues Tuesdays on Fox in the US and on Disney+ in the UK.

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