A Million Little Things' Gary and Maggie Face Their Worst Nightmare — Watch

A Million Little Things really loves putting Gary and Maggie through it, right?

Case in point: The recently reunited couple, both of whom are breast cancer survivors, spend Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) waiting to hear a doctor’s news about the lump Maggie found in Gary’s chest at the end of last week’s hour.

In the installment, titled “Fingers Crossed,” the Friends of Jon get together for a game night as they try to distract Gary from the dark places his mind is going. But in the exclusive sneak peek above, we get a hint of his torment as he and Maggie discuss how he’s feeling while they wait for the call.

“It’s that we are constantly waiting, just to see if we can move forward,” he says, frustrated, while Maggie listens. He brings up how they’d been discussing starting a family in the near future, “and yet here we are, once again, holding our breath.”

Series creator/executive producer DJ Nash makes his directorial debut with the episode; upcoming eps will be helmed by series stars Alison Miller (April 27) and David Giuntoli (May 4).

Press PLAY on the video at the top of the post to witness Gary’s anguish, then hit the comments: A Million Little Things wouldn’t break our hearts by having Gary’s cancer return… would it?

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