A Place in the Sun fans floored as buyers search for property near nudist beach

A Place in the Sun fans was left gobsmacked after a couple went searching for a holiday home to share with their families near a gay nudist beach.

Mark and Peter were on the lookout for an £80,000 property search in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, that they wanted to share with their families and cockapoo, Rosie and that were also close to LGBT-friendly areas, including a nudist beach.

The couple, who met online 12 years ago, claims to know the area very well as they said they've holidayed there many times — so much so they know that the beach has specific zones, going from a family-friendly fully-clothed beach to one end to a gay nudist section at the other.

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When discussing the coastal area, Mark said: "It's beautiful, but you have to be open-minded when you're walking in Maspalomas because you go through different zones."

He went on to explain: "You start off in the family-friendly zone, so theirs lots of families playing on the beach, then you move into the family naturist area.

"Then you move into the adult nudist beach, and then from there you keep walking and you hit the gay nudist beach."

Presenter Danni Menzies, who was given the challenge of finding them property on such a low budget, chuckled as he explained and branded it: "Fabulous."

However, she wasn't the only one to find it funny as Channel 4 viewers took to Twitter to share their amusement at the location.

One user quipped: "Think they would like a view of the nudist beach."

However, others weren't impressed by the beach: "That’s not a view of a beach, it’s a view of a quarry."

Another added: "I don't like black sand beaches."

In the end, the pair's low budget seemed to cause problems as they didn't like any of the properties they were shown and the show ended with them not purchasing a property at all.

The couple was shown a number of properties, but whether there was just too much work needed going to them or there just wasn't enough space in them — none of the properties shown on Channel 4 managed to cut it for their dream holiday home.

The pair even declined a three-bedroom property, with a terrace, in their dream location that was just over £87,000, which was within their wiggle room for properties up to £100,000. as it had access issues.

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