A Place in the Sun: Frustrated viewers switch off as couple backtrack No pleasing!

A Place in the Sun: Guests criticise 'remote' property

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Ben Hillman was left disappointed by the end of his search for a new dream home across the coast of Costa Del Sol in Spain. Channel 4 viewers took to Twitter frequently during the programme as Lorna and Gordon constantly changed their minds about the criteria for their ideal dream home, with some A Place in the Sun fans switching off part-way through the episode. 

The couple were looking for a new forever home with a £250,000 budget in the repeat episode from earlier this year. 

Although they listed off their requirements at the start of the show, Lorna soon revealed she had other important factors in mind for their ideal property. 

They rejected the first property almost immediately, but the other viewings fared slightly better. 

Despite giving positive reactions to the rest of Hillman’s options, they were still unsure about putting in a final offer.

The presenter was convinced he was on to a winner with the fifth and final Costa Del Sol viewing. 

In fact, Lorna and Gordon were almost persuaded to put in an offer, as they told Hillman they were considering moving in at the end of the episode.

Sadly, they discussed their decision one final time off-screen and came to the conclusion the neighbourhood surrounding the home wasn’t quite right for them. 

After changing their minds throughout the episode, fans of the show were left fuming and decided to switch off to save themselves any more grief.

Caroline Foulis tweeted: “Right, I’m off, this is sucking all the joy out of today!”

And Sarah added: “They decided it wasn’t for them. I’m annoyed I wasted an hour watching them.”

Finally, Terry wrote: “If they don’t put in an offer on this place then there’ll be no pleasing them. Oh, wait…” 

On the other hand, plenty of viewers ploughed ahead as the Spanish villas and idyllic locations were enough to keep them invested.

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Terry added: “That marina is gorgeous and has loads of good restaurants.”

Another viewer named Bill Cameron asked: “I thought the kitchen looked pretty nice too & the floor looked [good] – what’s she on about?”

While other fans were rather taken with one of the property’s quirky design features; a bedroom bar. 

Twitter user Ian said: “Perfect for getting up in the middle of the night and making yourself a gin & tonic. Well done Ben – nice find.”

While another user named NiceGuyAlbi offered: “A bar in the bedroom. I’ll take it.”

Lorna and Gordon clearly weren’t quite convinced and decided to take a look around the neighbourhood before they made a final decision.

Hillman revealed their disappointing final verdict after they had finished their tour and told viewers they wouldn’t be moving to Costa Del Sol any time soon. 

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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