A Place in the Sun viewers gobsmacked by kitchen that’s missing vital feature

A Place in the Sun viewers were left baffled after spotting that a vital feature was missing from the kitchen in one of the properties.

In the episode, Marjory and her twin Margret were joined by Channel 4 property expert Lee Juggurnauth in the search for a dream holiday home they could both share on the gorgeous Greek island of Aegina.

Armed with a budget of £150,000, with "wiggle room" up to £180,000, Marjory claimed she wanted a property that was "authentic" but didn't mind much where it was or whether it was an old or new build.

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But while she was fairly open with her options, she did say she would like a white house with blue shutters, two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, garden and balcony. She even insisted that she wanted to live somewhere where she could "integrate into a community", adding: "I don't want to be up a mountain surrounded by goats."

As usual the host got them to look around five different options — but none of them captured their attention like property three. From the moment they stepped in the door Marjory said: "I like. I'm speechless. I love that fireplace, could you imagine in the winter, Christmas time, Christmas tree up, the fire going."

By the end of the viewing, the twins were already planning their move in as it featured pretty much everything they asked for. However, eagle-eyed viewers did notice one this missing as the property literally had everything but the kitchen sink.

One user said: "Property three and the kitchen without a sink." Another added: "I'm sure Cinderella would like it."

A third commented: "It is a bit hotel-like." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "A kitchen without a sink… or plumbing."

But the pair couldn't find a fault with the property and decided to put in an offer of for £135,000, despite the listing being on the market for just under £159,000. They also told Lee that they wanted the property developer to add in radiators, air conditioning and a boiler.

The offer was swiftly rejected, with the developer not accepting anything lower than £146,500. In a second attempt to grab a bargain, Marjory made a counter offer of £139,050 under the same conditions.

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This was also rejected as the vendor made a counter offer £151,000. The final offer they placed was £149,000 – which was also rejected. Marjory said that "whatever will, be will be" but left the offer on the table.

Luckily, she got her dream property a few days after the episode was finished being filmed for £150,000, including everything she asked for.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 from 3pm.

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