Absolute mayhem! Drivers take matters into own hands to stop Insulate Britain stunt

Insulate Britain ‘causing mayhem’ says GB News host

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GB News reporter Alice Porter has called the Insulate Britain’s protest “an absolute mayhem”, saying that “the frustration from commuters is absolutely palpable”. The climate group blocked major roads in Essex and in East London to demand immediate action from the Government to insulate homes across the UK.

Ms Porter said: “What we’re seeing today which we haven’t seen is how this is impacting lorry drivers.”

Look how many lorries we’ve got!

“Oh my God. This is absolute mayhem.

“As you can see here, two lorries and one van have just driven over this middle area here.

“There are industrial estates on all sides of me.”

The video showed a few protesters sticking Insulate Britain banners onto a lorry truck, and two protesters lying on the road

Intense and angry honking can be heard in the video.

The lorries could not get past the protestors.

The GB News presenter continued to describe the scene: “There is a stand-off between the lorry driver here who is not budging, and we’ve got protesters lying here in the road.

“And we’ve got one man who is dragging a protester off the road in order to get the lorry through.

“We’ve got three major roads that are currently out of use.

“I’ve just seen the frustration from commuters is absolutely palpable.”

The protest group has returned to M25 despite National Highways being granted an injunction, implying that anyone breaching the order could face a prison sentence.

About 40 people have been arrested this morning for blocking the London Road A1090 near the Dartford Crossing this morning.

The police said it was “working to get traffic moving”.

“We know this will be frustrating for people caught up in traffic but we appreciate your patience and understanding,” a spokesman said.
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