‘AGT’ Recap: Emotional Audition Moves Judges to Tears

The new episode of the long-running talent competition show kicks off with Poetic Flight from France, who takes the stage to fly their miniature airplanes through the crowd.

AceShowbiz -The new episode of “America’s Got Talent” featured an emotional audition that successfully brought tears to the judges’ eyes. Airing on Tuesday, July 18, the new outing kicked off with Poetic Flight from France, who took the stage to fly their miniature airplanes through the crowd.

Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum weren’t fans, so they pressed their red X buttons. Sofia Vergara, however, thought that it was “spectacular.” Simon eventually decided to give the act another chance by giving it a yes, though Heidi stuck with her “no.”

Following it up was singing cellist BJ Griffin. He amazed everyone with a stellar performance of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. “Right now, in singing, you are my favorite,” Howie Mandel commented. Simon added, “That’s what you call a moment. Your voice, it’s so distinctive. Actually, it’s stunning.”

Phil Wright & The Parent Jam hoped to impress the judges when they took the stage for a fun performance of dancing and tricks that’s full of spark and heart. Howie didn’t think their performance was fun enough, but Heidi and Simon said they were great. The act moved on after all judges gave the act yes except for Howie.

Later, Enishi hit the stage in a blue mask. He then changed his mask to look like all the judges. Sofia said that it was “really creepy,” while Heidi praised Enishi for being “super original.” Simon initially said no to Enishi, but the latter was eventually sent to the next round.

Performing “In Da Club” and “Level Up” was drummer Timothy Fletcher from Baltimore. Sofia raved about the performance, saying that it was “so much fun.” Heidi added that she was “mesmerized” by the performance with Howie calling it the “perfect first audition.” Timothy unsurprisingly moved on.

The Rybka Twins returned to the “AGT” stage after failing last year. The two girls dazzled with their perfectly synchronized routine this time. Sofia and Howie weren’t that impressed, but Simon said, “I completely disagree with Sofia and Howie. I loved this audition.” Sofia eventually changed her mind, but Howie still gave the Rybka Twins a no.

Up next was acrobatic duo Just Two Men from Ukraine. They managed to make the judges jaw-dropped as one of the men balanced on his partner’s head while suspended in the air. Heidi raved that these two have “moves we have never ever seen.” Sofia noted, “It was breathtaking.” Just Two Men stays in the competition.

Cakra Khan first performed “Make It Rain”, but Simon stopped him mid-song as he asked Cakra to sing a second song. He then opted to sing “No Woman No Cry” and Heidi thought that he has a “very special” voice. Simon added, “It’s so rare to hear voices like that.” Cakra got four yes from the judges.

Magic Mike Jacobson stunned the judges with his magic skills. “It was incredible,” Heidi said, while Sofia noted that she was totally “mesmerized.” As for Atai Show, the group of four men brought some fun by dancing to “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys. The group was sent to the next round.

Rounding out the night was 2 Moms United By One Heart. Holly from New York became forever connected to Kim from Oregon after Holly’s son donated his heart to Kim’s son Beckham. They didn’t meet until several years later. For their performance, the two sang “For Good” from “Wicked” to Holly’s late son, Jake.

Heidi and Sofia were moved to tears during the emotional performance. Howie shared that this was the “most magical moment I have ever experienced on ‘America’s Got Talent’.” Simon added that this performance “will make a difference.” The two moms headed to the next round.

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