Alastair Stewart shares heartbreak of wife being his carer after ‘minor strokes’

GB News: Alastair Stewart announcing his dementia diagnosis

Alastair Stewart has shared the heartbreak of his dementia diagnosis and the impact it will have on his family.

Speaking to Camilla Tominey on GB News, Alastair admitted he has had to make some changes to his lifestyle to try and deal with his condition.

But he admitted the hardest thing of all was the impact on family members.

When talking about his wife, Sally, he shared: “I find it tricky, because your health, through no fault of your own, is reducing this person who is the single most important person in your life to the role of a carer.

“And so if you do think there is something wrong with you, then go and see the GP and listen to what he or she says but also do remember that the people you work with and the people you live with and share your life with are the most important people in the entire world.”

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Discussing when he started to notice a change, the 71-year-old admitted to feeling “a bit discombobulated”.

He said: “I wasn’t becoming forgetful, but things like doing your shoelaces properly (became harder), that’s why I wear these lovely moccasins now.

“And things like making sure your tie was straight, remembering the call time for your programme is four o’clock and not five o’clock, not turning up early or late, and stuff like that.”

It was at this moment, Alastair decided to go to the doctor as he felt there could be something wrong.

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After having some initial tests done, the former ITV newsreader discovered he’d had a series of “minor-strokes”.

“I had a scan, and then it was like a scene from Casualty or Emergency Ward 10 because the results came back and I had indeed had a series of minor strokes,” Alastair explained to Camilla.

“Not the big one where your face falls down, or your arm goes doolally, but it’s like pepper shots. And the cumulative effect of that was that I had a diagnosis of early onset vascular dementia.”

Following his interview, Alastair was flooded with messages of support on social media.

One of his Twitter followers praised: “Fascinating interview. You’re a real star. An absolute gentleman and a proper journalist. I wish you all the best.”

Another shared: “I’m so sorry to hear of vascular dementia. The lovely Alastair. Thank you, Camilla and an apt touch to name a studio after the very best of the good guys. Thoughts with the family.” (sic)

A third penned: “I am so sorry to hear about this. Just take it easy and enjoy life and the many more years ahead of you. All the very best, Michael.”

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