All Creatures Great and Small confirm exciting baby news after worrying twist

The latest episode of All Creatures Great and Small was certainly a rollercoaster as Helen Herriot, pleated by Rachel Shenton, and husband James, played by Nicholas Ralph, feared their baby may die.

The pair had gone up to new farming tenants, the Crabtrees, to help with their herd of cows when they learned it had a disease which could pass to humans.

New vet Richard Carmody also revealed it could have an impact on pregnant women and cause them to lose the baby.

Worried, Helen and James shared the news they were expecting earlier than they had wanted to and anxiously waited to find out if their baby would be okay.

Thankfully, as the episode came to an end Helen and James confirmed all was well with the unborn baby and they celebrated their growing family.

But that wasn't the only exciting news to come from the episode as Helen dropped a big hint the tot would be born at Christmas.

Christmas is always a grand affair at Skeldale House with Mrs Hall throwing her annual party.

Now there will be even more reason to celebrate if Helen and James welcome their newborn in December.

The clue about the baby's birthday came as Helen spoke to Mrs Hall about how she felt about the pregnancy and when to share the news with her family.

Mrs Hall remarked: "Jenny must be thrilled, and your Dad."

"They will be when they know, I'd rather wait a bit," Helen replied. "They'll want to make allowances and the farm's too busy for that.

"If James had his way, he'd wrap me in cotton wool."

Mrs Hall laughed: "I suppose he knows more about the ins and outs than most."

"I'm not some prized sow," Helen hit back, but her friend replied: "You might feel like it by December."

However, Helen didn't seem optimistic as she feared husband James would be called up to fight in the war.

Mrs Hall told her: "You'll be dog tired but your heart will be fit to burst."

She insisted the pair weren't mad for having a baby during the war as "life goes on" insisting the news was "a tonic".

Fans will be excited as ever to see Helen and James extend the family, particularly as they are missing Tristan Farnon, who is away fighting in the war.

All Creatures Great and Small continues Thursday on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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