Amanda Holden is a glamorous assistant in golden gown as she helps Britain's Got Talent magician Graeme Mathews

AMANDA Holden transforms into a glamorous assistant in a golden gown for tonight's Britain's Got Talent as she helps out magician Graeme Mathews.

Pictures show the judge standing on stage with a cup balanced on top of her head as she look quizzically at the performer.

She looks like she's in hysterics as she claps for Graeme who is holding a notepad with the word "no" written in capital letters.

Viewers will have to wait until tonight's show to see what he has to offer – and if he lands a place in the live shows.

But in a teaser clip on BGT's Twitter, Grame explains he's determined to make the judges laugh in a chat before his audition.

He said: "I'm Graeme and I'm a bit nervous.

"I think when I get out there a little bit later I'm going to be really nervous.

"But at the moment I'm hvaing a great day. It's been fun.

"Basically we're in a big building all full of magicians, entertainers, comedians, singers and dancer. It's great, it's really good fun.

"I do reckon I'll be nervous later but I'm going to try and control the nerves.

"I'd like to impress all the judges but obviously because I do comedy I'd like to impress David Walliams, because he does comedy doesn't he.

"And if I make Simon Cowell laugh I'll be really happy because I don't think I've ever seen the geezer laugh.

"No, I have seen him laugh, but if I can make him laugh that'll make me very happy."


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He added: "I applied for Britain's Got Talent because I've always entertained.

"I've always made people laugh. I've done a few sensible jobs, but I always go back to entertainment.

"I've never really had that big break. I thought I'd give it a go because you never know – I could be the next Susan Boyle."

Keen to get involved, Amanda got up on stage with co-star David to be part of a ventriloquist's act last week.

In 2010 the stunning judge tried her hand at being magician's assistant during series about trying our her dream jobs for Amanda Holden's Fantasy Lives.

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