Amy Poehler & Aubrey Plaza Reprise Parks & Recreation‘ Characters In SNLs Weekend Update

With Aubrey Plaza as the host of Saturday Night Live and Amy Poehler dropping in as a surprise during the monologue, it was only natural the stars reprised their Parks and Recreation roles.

It was during the “Weekend Update” segment that Colin Jost introduced Plaza’s April Ludgate to “encourage young people to get involved in local government.”

Plaza’s April rolled into the Update desk with her characteristic disinterest she displayed throughout the run of the NBC sitcom.

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“Everybody should get involved where they live, if you’re young you should get a job as a garbage man or something,” April said with the lowest of energies.

April then began listing all the jobs where young people could do the bare minimum like being a “dog catcher and just say you couldn’t find any.” April then got annoyed with Jost and asked him to ask her boss Leslie Knope, which was when Poehler rolled onto the Update desk.

Poehler’s Leslie was mesmerized by being on SNL and was mostly interested in getting the behind-the-scenes tea.

Leslie told Jost, “I want to pick your brain about this job, about this show because I used to watch this when Seth Meyers did it by himself with no one else and he made it look really easy.”

Jost agreed with Leslie but changed the subject to have her talk about local government. However, Leslie didn’t budge and asked about Joe Biden’s appearance asking if he was able to see her when he Zoom’ed in.

“I think he pre-recorded that,” Jost said, to which Leslie clapped back saying, “Oh, I thought this show was live.”

In a call back to when Poehler was behind the “Weekend Update” desk, Leslie asked Jost if she could tell a joke and got into the anchor chair just like old times.

Plaza and Poehler starred on Parks and Recreation for seven seasons on the peacock network.

Watch “Weekend Update” in the video posted below.

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