‘An actors dream Law & Order star previews first film role away from police procedural

'Law And Order: Organized Crime' trailer for next episode

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The rising star spoke to Express.co.uk about getting her teeth into her latest role, which is now available to stream on Prime Video and Sky. Rich stars alongside Ozark’s Marc Menchaca in the gripping revenge thriller, which poses some difficult questions about sexual assault allegations in the wake of the MeToo movement. 

Rosie takes the law into her own hands when she kidnaps the unnamed man (Menchaca) whom she suspects abused her sister into taking her own life.

From director Sarah Pirozek, #Like features an impressive leading performance from Rich in her first film role. 

Speaking to the Express, the actress revealed she was keen to sign on as soon as she was given the script. 

“It definitely seemed like this actor’s dream,” she recalled.

“This juicy piece of steak that you’re like, ‘I can’t wait to really sink my teeth into this.’” 

Her performance takes on an edge as the film goes on and her actions towards Menchaca’s character become crueller. 

Pirozek’s sharp script and economical directing ensure viewers aren’t quite sure whether Rosie’s captive is, in fact, guilty of what he’s accused of doing.

“It’s questionable, at times, whether her actions are justified,” she explained.

“But I always tried to make them justified, which is really in a state of trying to get vengeance. So how far will you go?” 

Rich’s screen career was launched by supporting roles in popular television series such as Orange Is the New Black and The Blacklist. 

She also starred as Anne Whitman in the Law and Order: SVU episode Revenge, which deals with similar themes as #Like when an incel group becomes embroiled in a series of sexual assault cases.

While the public consciousness around sexual assault victims continues to shift, #Like takes a nuanced approach to the complicated conversation around accusations.

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Rich continued: “Also the fact of it being such a real story, and such a possible story, it felt like a responsibility to go all in.”

While the film was produced back in 2018 and premiered at film festivals in 2019, COVID delays have meant it is only now becoming available for streamers. 

The actress detailed how the events of the past few years, including the charges of rape against film producer Harvey Weinstein, also helped influence the tone of the film.

“We also were filming right where the Weinstein information was coming out,” she recalled.

“So it definitely felt weighted, like ‘we’ve got to do this right’.”  

Rich’s handling of Pirozek’s gritty and demanding material certainly ties #Like together, and her dynamic with Menchaca is both skin-crawling and surprisingly endearing. 

She has already landed several more projects after her breakthrough film, including a main role in Netflix’s upcoming young adult drama Purple Hearts set for release next year. 

#Like is available to rent or buy on YouTube, Prime Video, Rakuten TV, iTunes and Sky Store.

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