Antiques Road Trip expert 'broken' as teapot bombs in nightmare auction – but he has the last laugh

ANTIQUES Road Trip expert Steven Moore dramatically declared he was 'broken' as his porcelain teapot bombed during auction.

But the TV star made sure he had the last laugh as the episode of the BBC show ended in his favour.

Steven was joined by fellow antiques lover Natasha Raskin Sharp as they travelled from north Yorkshire to the Scottish border in a 1960s Rolls Royce.

The programme sees experts compete to raise money for charity by buying up antiques and selling them at auction for a profit.

Steven started off the episode with £290.76 to spend, while Natasha had only £186.10 to buy their picks for auction.

But when it was time for prospective buyers to start bidding, Steven's luck started to run out.

Natasha asked: "How are you feeling about the auction?"

To which Steven replied: "We are about to find out, aren’t we? Any moment now."

The pair watched as Natasha's first item – a Victorian brass kettle – purchased for £40, sold for the same amount of money, depriving Natasha of any profit.

Next up was Steven's £90 porcelain teapot, but with the auctioneer starting the bidding at £50 things were not looking good.

As Steven looked shocked at the low start, Natasha said encouragingly: "It's going to climb…!"

As no more bids came in the auctioneer said: "£50 on the internet, a very early teapot. Nobody else coming in at £50?"

A shocked Natasha commented: "It’s not going to go for £50…” as Steven exclaimed: “It bloomin’ well is."

Steven let out a huge sigh after the teapot sold for £50.

As the hammer came down on £50, Natasha responded: "That’s daft.

"You were love at first sight and then you were broken by that."

"I was broken as the spout on that teapot," joked Steven.

As the auction continued, Natasha made a £20 profit on some jewellery, while Steven's brass twin-bell purchased for £19.90, made a profit of £10.10.

He quipped: "I’m not going to complain. Natasha, that 10p will come in useful."

As the hammer fell on their other items, despite Steven's huge loss of the teapot, the expert won the day's competition with a profit of £97.60.

Episodes of Antiques Road Trip are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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