Anton unfollows 'fake' Molly-Mae on Instagram after she voted him and Belle off Love Island and tells pals 'we don't like her'

LOVE Island’s Anton Danyluk has unfollowed Molly-Mae on Instagram after she voted him and Belle Hassan off the show.

The Scottish hunk missed out on a place in the final after Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury voted them the least compatible – with the public then picking them to leave.

After their exit Belle branded Molly-Mae “two-faced” and Anton clearly feels the same.

An insider told The Sun Online: “One person who is pleased that Molly-Mae didn't win the £50k is Anton after she decided to vote him off.

"He unfollowed her as soon as he left the villa and has been telling friends he doesn't like her at all and neither does Belle.

“Both him and Belle say it’s down to Molly that they missed out on the final – they are convinced she was tactical and eliminated them because she felt they were a threat to them.

“They had a good chance of winning but it was ruined for them because of Molly.”

Last night Amber Gill and Gary O'Shea won the show despite Tommy and Molly-Mae being together the longest.

Just days before the final Molly-Mae was slammed by viewers for trash-talking Belle and Anton's romance because they "threatened" her chances of winning the £50k prize.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Belle admitted she was "shocked" that Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury were the only ones to vote for them to leave.

"I haven’t watched it back yet, however, I do maybe think that could have been tactical," she said.

"I think Molly has too many opinions sometimes.

"I like Molly, I really get on with Molly, but she can be a little bit two faced, unknowingly.

"She doesn’t mean it, but she does say that."

She also admitted that her partner Anton was upset about being dumped and was annoyed that Tommy had lied to him.

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