ARod trying to win JLo back with 'flowers & promises he’ll go to therapy' – but she still 'doesn’t trust him’

ALEX Rodriguez is trying to win Jennifer Lopez back by bombarding her with flowers, calls, visits- and even promises to go to therapy – but pals say she still doesn't trust him.

It was reported last week that JLo, 51, and 45-year-old ARod had called it quits on their romance after four years.

It followed claims that the former New York Yankees baseball player had formed a close relationship with American reality TV personality Madison LeCroy.

However the couple insisted they were working through their issues and there were even reports that they reconciled while spending the weekend together in the Dominican Republic.

Now a source close to the singer says Alex is the one pretending everything is okay between them – while JLo is still reeling from allegations he's been secretly talking towomen and making them sign NDAs.

"Alex is trying to get her back together any way he can," a source said.

"He is sending flowers, calling, flying to see her, but she feels it doesn't make any sense to be together after hearing that he was talking to other women and discovering the NDA's he had women sign.

"She loves Alex but she can't accept his cheating no matter what.

"She has no interest in sticking it out for the long haul despite the fact he keeps talking about going to more therapy to make it work.

"He knows he has messed this up and their future is crumbling.

"Alex is the one who started putting info out there that everything is fine and they've smoothed things over.

"It's not true, she's working right now and doesn't have time to deal with this."

The movie star is said to be most concerned about her kids' feelings as they had grown attached to Alex.

"She understands the value of joining forces to say they are working on it because she doesn't have time to deal with this properly while she's filming," the source said.

"She doesn't want the kids to hear about a break-up from anyone but them, so she's buying time and letting things settle down.

"At this point, she is so concerned about her kids because of their attachment to Alex, so her plan is to take this one step at a time for them."

The Blast reported that Alex flew to the Dominican Republic to visit Jennifer on set of her new movie Shotgun Wedding.

The former New York Yankees player shared clips of himself on a private jet as he flew to visit Jennifer in his Instagram Story on Monday.

Speaking of their reunion, a source exclusively told PEOPLE: "Alex flew to the Dominican Republic yesterday.

A source told the outlet: “They had a great couple days in the DR.

“They continue to work through things. That’s the status quo right now. They’re together.”

Alex is J-Lo’s fifth fiancé and would have been her fourth husband.

But she is "sad and embarrassed" about the constant cheating rumors and has been asking friends why men keep treating her this way.

"Jennifer was warned by her friends that Alex is a cheater," the insider added.

"She fell head over heels for him and immediately seemed to turn a blind eye.

"Alex has been talking to other women for some time. In the last year, they've had many fights about it. The world's awareness of his betrayal has devastated her.

"Her friends told her he has issues and his exes have even talked about sex addiction. They have explained to Jennifer their opinions that he must not feel good enough about himself but she isn't buying that.

"Jennifer isn't even angry, she is sad and embarrassed. She's telling those closest to her that she feels like so many men have cheated on her and wonders why this keeps happening to her.

"She keeps questioning herself why she isn't enough and why didn't he just end things instead of looking for other women."

The Sun reached out to representatives for Alex and Jennifer.

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