Ashley Cain reveals he’s been secretly battling Covid and is struggling to get out of bed or breathe

ASHLEY Cain has revealed he's been secretly battling Covid and was stuck in bed for five days.

The 30-year-old shared the news with fans as he detailed how he couldn't breathe and felt his lungs were being "strangled".

Ashley, whose daughter Azaylia tragically died three months ago after a long battle with leukaemia, said in an Instagram story: "It's been a mad 10 days. I actually caught Covid – quite bad to be honest.

"I was in bed straight for five days. Couldn't get up. I had fever-like symptoms. I was going hot and then cold and lost my smell, lost my taste."

He went on: "Headaches, backaches, just body completely aching – and then I started developing problems breathing as well."

Despite this the former footballer admitted he'd tried to continue working out around the house and in the garden.

Ashley explained: "Working out and getting out is the only thing that brings me any kind of joy.

I was in bed straight for five days

"It was important for me to try because being locked in – and especially with what I've been through – it's just really mentally taxing on your head."

The Ex On The Beach star went on to detail how he'd spent his "Freedom Day" biking for 25 miles and swimming "for 20 minutes in fresh water."

But he admitted: "The Covid has took me way back – my body is not recovering.

"It felt like I was biking with my brakes on with flat tyres and towards the end of the bike ride I was struggling with my breathing and my muscles were fatiguing cause I couldn't get as much oxygen in as I needed."

He added: "My lungs literally felt like someone was strangling them."

Ending on a positive note he vowed to make a full recovery but advised fans: "Make sure you're safe everybody – just be mindful and be safe."

Earlier this month the reality star had a new neck tattoo done in tribute to his late daughter Azaylia, who was less than a year old when she died after her long battle with a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia.

The tattoo is a portrait of a lion, an animal that means a lot to Ashley, partner Safiyya Vorajee and Azaylia.

Azaylia's family often refer to her as their "lickle lion".

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