Bachelor's Ashley Iaconetti shares unedited, makeup-free selfie of 'pregnancy acne' on neck and face

BACHELOR'S Ashley Iaconetti shared an unedited, makeup-free selfie of her "pregnancy acne" on her neck and face.

The reality star bared her fresh face on Instagram showing off her breakouts three months into her pregnancy with her first child.

The 33-year-old captioned the photo: "My pregnancy hasn’t been easy…but at least I’M GLOWING!! Hahaha. I’m joking and don’t say otherwise because it will annoy me. I definitely expected pregnancy acne. I didn’t imagine it on my neck though. 😂 This is when hormones attack!

"Man, I didn’t realize just HOW hard prescription retinoid worked too. But to be honest my skin barely bothers me because I’ve been so sick. When you’re throwing up multiple times a day, pimples don’t phase you. My normally strict skincare routine doesn’t interest me either."

She continued: "I’ve been apathetic about a lot lately, which is out of character. Hopefully I’ll get some passion and drive back soon!" 🤰🏻

The Bachelor Winter Games alum admitted that she was nervous to showcase her pimples on social media out of fear of backlash.

"I’ve been hesitant to post more regular updates on my pregnancy because .5% of people (who I know I shouldn’t let get to me) will say 'All you talk about is being pregnant' or 'Put on some makeup and smile' or 'You’re being dramatic! Suck it up!' or 'All you do is complain! Be grateful.'

"Just because I don’t enjoy my pregnancy doesn’t mean I’m not thankful or feel immensely blessed. I’ve never been able to conceal my emotions (as Bachelor Nation knows) and I’m not going to put out some fake smiley photos that don’t accurate depict how I feel. For the mass majority of you that appreciate the unfiltered, thank you! 🙏🏻

"Thank you for all the loving & supportive messages! The messages I’m getting from other women currently pregnant or who have gone through rough pregnancies in the past mentally helped me a ton!"

Fellow Bachelor star, Tenley Leopold commented with support for her co-star writing: "This is the season you’re in! It’s a season, & then the best season comes— baby in your arms! And that might be all you talk about! And that’s okay! 😉😘"

Her husband Jared Haibon responded with two red heart emoji's for his wife of two years.

Baby Haibon

The TV personality has been transparent about her struggles during her pregnancy since announcing the news.

Last month, she shared a humorous photo to her Instagram of her hovering over the toilet seat while Jared, 32, held her hair back.

She captioned the pic: "Baby Haibon is due Feb 10th! We’re are very excited for that day to come! It’s so cool to think I’m creating a human that’s half me and half Jared! I won’t lie though, pregnancy has not been a delight for me. The nausea has been relentless and I throw up multiple times most days.

"I knew the first trimester wasn’t easy for most, but I didn’t imagine my life to come to a standstill feeling like I have an extreme hangover for 5 weeks and counting. Thank you all for the love and congratulations today!!

"Hearing so many stories from followers and friends about their experiences has made me feel better about all the changes my body is going through and a lot less alone!"

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