BBC Breakfast viewers fume ‘report the news’ as scandal dominates coverage

Tim Davie told ‘everyone in this building knows’ who the BBC presenter is

BBC Breakfast viewers have slammed the broadcaster for its coverage of the scandal surrounding an unnamed presenter.

Over the weekend, the BBC suspended one of its presenters following allegations they had paid thousands to a young person in exchange for sexually explicit images.

On Tuesday, further allegations emerged which resulted in stars, including Jeremy Vine, urging the presenter to reveal themselves.

However, as the hosts Ben Thompson and Tina Daheley spoke about the allegations throughout Wednesday’s show, many viewers were unimpressed.

@RobHarr81613773 questioned: “Any news on the #BorisJohnsonphone or #CovidInquiry? Nothing on @bbc5live so far this morning either.”

@Hairbear64 fumed: “There is other news going on around the world. Your coverage is getting ridiculously over the top.”

@redlucy54 added: “For God’s sake report the actual news!! #BorisJohnsonphone #UkraineWar #CovidInquiry #50sWomenFullRestitution etc etc.”

@GillianRoss12 commented: “Let’s have proper news… no one is interested in this puerile rubbish!!”

@johndavidgreen reeled: “Anything about the missing WhatsApp messages, or are baby pictures the order of the day? Stop this story and report on the news.”

@SarkyJackie said: “Nothing to report then! What about Johnson’s missing phone? That would make an interesting story!”

Allegations against the unnamed presenter first came to light when the mother of the victim claimed their child was sent large sums of money for inappropriate images three years ago.

Although a complaint was made to the BBC in May, an internal investigation was only launched recently, and has now been stopped at the request of the police.

However, a 23-year-old has now come forward with fresh allegations that the unnamed presenter breached lockdown restrictions to meet them during the pandemic.

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Speaking at the annual report press briefing on Tuesday afternoon, BBC director Tim Davie said: “It’s important to give you an update on the latest developments.

“This is clearly a complex and difficult situation where we need to manage a number of factors – properly responding to serious allegations, sensitively managing duty of care issues, appropriately respecting the privacy of individuals and justified public interest.

“We do believe we are navigating these responsibly and judicially but we recognise it’s not easy to do so.”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am.

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