BBC Survivor’s Joel Dommett forced to call in medics after two contestants collapse

BBC One's Survivor has aired its most dramatic scenes yet after two contestants collapsed during an immunity challenge, forcing host Joel Dommett to call for medical help.

The reality competition follow 18 brave contestants as they face physical and mental challenges whilst marooned in a tropical location, competing in two tribes and voting out players each week.

In tonight's episode, contestants took on a brutal challenge, tasking nominated players with balancing bags of increasing weights across their shoulders.

The contestants who could stand the weights for the longest amount of time won immunity for their tribe.

Thirty minutes in, disaster struck for contestant Jess, 38, who was forced to drop out of the challenge after beginning to struggle with the weight.

"Jess, sorry I'm going to call it," Joel said. "You're going to drop it, Jess, OK?" After dropping the weights to the ground 30 minutes into the task, Jess collapsed – with Joel calling for a medic.

While Jess managed to limp away with the medics, 36-year-old Christopher began to wobble after holding the weights for over an hour.

"I can't breathe, I can't breathe," he said, before dropping the weights and falling to the ground.

"Let's get the medic in," Joel called whilst running over to Christopher, who told the medics that he'd hurt his shoulder when taking off the bags.

After Nathan and Doug were the only contestants left standing, the Caleton Tribe won the immunity idol, saving them from elimination for the week.

With the La Nena Tribe vulnerable for eviction that week, it was 28-year-old Ren who was chosen by their teammates to leave the competition at the latest Tribal Council.

Last week's episode saw 40-year-old Rachel leave the competition, after receiving the most votes at the Tribal Council and becoming fourth contestant to be evicted from the show.

Previous weeks saw the likes of Dalkeith-based Richard, 45-year-old Sabrina and 23-year-old Rach be chosen by their tribes to exit the competition.

The BBC show, which is a reboot of the 2001 ITV series, is hosted by The Masked Singer UK star Joel Dommett – who revealed the secret to a happy marriage with wife Hannah Cooper to OK! in an exclusive chat.

"It’s so simple once I realised it was about communication. I was so bad at it my whole life. Then you realise you just tell your partner everything, and then it’s all absolutely fine!" he said.

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