Bel-Air Season 2 Finale Recap: Will and Carlton's Junior Year Comes to a Dramatic Close — Grade It!

Thanks to Doc, Will’s basketball career may have been over before it began.

Doc’s ongoing feud with his business associate Lorenzo in Bel-Air’s second season threatened to expose their shady side hustle, which would have jeopardized the team’s eligibility to play college basketball — pretty much destroying their chances of getting recruited to the NBA.

Thursday’s Season 2 finale found Will coping with all of that by returning to street basketball, the same game that got him into trouble back in Philly. Jazz tried to remind Will that he had other options now that he was in Bel-Air, but Will wasn’t ready to hear that. Instead, he blew up at his friend and then brooded on the beach (with Lisa there to support him).

Carlton, meanwhile, was close to getting everything he wanted. He was speaking at the school’s mental health kickoff event, had a meeting with a Princeton recruiter and was eyed to win the big Founder’s Award. That didn’t stop Drew from calling him a fraud.

When Phil decided against helping Doc, Will brought in several of his teammates to convince his uncle that Doc wasn’t a bad guy. They maintained that Doc was looking out for the team, that the money he took on the side went to help their families with bills or whatever they needed. This prompted a sit-down with Lorenzo, which ended with Lorenzo signing papers to go off and build his own team.

In the aftermath, Will reconnected with his Bel-Air Academy teammates by showing them new tricks to help them with their next game. That selfless move earned him a spot back on the team next year.

Things didn’t work out so neatly for Carlton. First, Ashley caught him snorting coke in his locker and he snapped at her. Then, he broke down during his Founder’s Award speech and confessed to being a drug addict in front of everyone.

Back at home, Vivian was flabbergasted but overall supportive of her son amid his struggles. Phil, on the other hand, laid into Carlton about his drug use since he gave him the blessed life he currently lives. Carlton then pointed out that Phil never let him forget that, and Phil spat that he was done apologizing for giving his family a great life. When Phil finally calmed down, he embraced Carlton, who sobbed in his arms. Vivian, meanwhile, looked up rehab centers.

Remember when Erika kissed Phil and he told her to keep it professional? Well, she invited him out to dinner and he accepted.

With junior year officially in the books, Will looked forward to his senior year. But first, they had to get through the summer. Cue Will Smith’s “Summertime” to close out the season.

Other things that happened in the episode:

Vivian settled her feud with Janice by convincing the executive director to resign gracefully rather than battling it out in the press.

Geoffrey revealed that he’d been getting calls from an unknown number traced back to East London. He then received a mysterious envelope in the mail containing a photo of him meeting his son. Does he have a stalker?

Ashley and Olivia (who did not get Ms. Hughes fired, after all) agreed to hang out this summer.

Drew confessed to leaking the locker room video, and Will and Lisa kissed.

Jazz put his feelings out there for Hilary, but she wasn’t willing to risk getting hurt again. He said he’d wait until she was ready, and she decided to go to Paris with Lamarcus.

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