Ben Shephard blown away as Tipping Point player wins 10k in near-record time Was quick!

Tipping Point: Ben says contestant won jackpot ‘quickly’

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Ben, 46, was on hand to host another edition of Tipping Point and with the episode coming from the archives, none of the team were social distancing. In the instalment, player Robert started off with very little in his bank but by the time the third round came to an end, he had the most amount of cash accumulated and therefore, headed into the final. The contestant played a good game on the ITV show but his technique left the presenter amazed when he secured the jackpot in such little time.

Having worked the star counter to the edge of the tipping point, Robert was asked one last question by the host.

This question was: “Which former TV football pundit is the all-time top goalscorer for Tottenham Hotspur?”

The choices of answers included A) Jimmy Greaves, B) Alan Hansen and C) Ian St John, with the contestant guessing option A.

He was correct and therefore, had three final counters to try and move the star coin off the table and win £10,000.

Robert chose drop zone two for the concluding round of the game and he successfully managed to secure his goal.

Both the player and Ben cheered with glee at the result, as Robert’s jackpot went from £3,200 to £10,000 in no time at all.

“What a finish and just like Jimmy Greaves,” the host remarked before congratulating the contestant for “smashing it in”.

“I didn’t expect that to happen,” the winner said as the presenter replied: “It all happened very quickly.

“An extraordinary result,” he added before explaining to viewers Robert had only used seven counters to get the star coin over the tipping point.

An extraordinary result

Ben Shephard

It is very rare for contestants to use so few counters in the finale, making the player’s efforts near-record breaking.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home commented on the result of the game, with one writing: “Robert deserves to win #tippingpoint.”

A second added: “Missed most of this but Robert seems like a bit of a sweetheart. Hope he gets the

£10k #TippingPoint.”

Whilst a third remarked: “Looks promising for Robert #TippingPoint,” a fourth shared: “Well done, love a winner #tippingpoint.”

Ben has spoken out about working on the show, having filmed new episodes recently under coronavirus restrictions.

The instalments are filmed in Bristol and will be making it onto screens in the coming weeks, with several episodes filmed in one day.

“It’s brilliant for my family because they don’t see me,” the presenter joked as he discussed living in Bristol and London to hold down his two jobs.

“It’s one of those things, that for a very concentrated part of the year, my work schedule gets very hectic.”

“It gets a bit easier out of the football season, but the good thing about Good Morning Britain is that it finishes early, so I can pick my boys up from school and hang out,” he told HuffPost.

The host wasn’t convinced, to begin with, the show would be a hit either after launching on ITV almost 10 years ago.

“The person who designed the machine was going across the top and having to drop the counters in. I was going, ‘This is bonkers!’

“And while it was really involving and really fun, could I have predicted doing it [nine] years later? No way.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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