Beyond Paradise stars praise gracious Kris Marshall in sweet tribute

Beyond Paradise: Martha tells Humphrey about not wanting children

Beyond Paradise has been airing on BBC One and viewers have seen Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) face many trials and tribulations. Besides an ongoing fertility struggle with Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton), he has been working tirelessly in his new role at the local police station. Stars Felicity Montagu and Dylan Llewellyn spoke exclusively to and other press about the Humphrey star.

Humphrey and Martha have been through a lot as Martha made the tough decision to stop IVF treatment.

The detective was desperate to be a father, but in his usual selfless way, he put Martha’s feelings first.

Despite everything going on at home, it has not deterred him from his police work and he has cracked some bizarre cases.

Actor Marshall has reprised his role from the original Death in Paradise series and newcomers Montagu and Llewellyn said they learned a lot from him.

Speaking about what they picked up from working with the star, the Margo Martins actress said: “What I learned from Kris was that he was mostly 100 per cent on top of his police lines.

“He knew them and he was a complete professional and there’s no faffing about.

“He was completely on top of it so he could make his lines personal, which I think is really clever.

“It’s the extra spin on… because these police shows are quite tough, you know.

“These police lines are hard, you have got to get the police format out.

“And I think his sheer discipline and good nature and graciousness on set is a great lesson and he’s a bit of a mentor really.”

The Kelby Hartford actor was in agreement, saying he wished he got to work with him more.

He added: “Absolutely, I think he’s set a great example for all of us.

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“I learned on the job of his example and his talents and it’s really impressive.”

He went on to praise Marshall’s co-star Bretton, adding: “It makes me jealous because I want to work with them more.

“All of our characters need to bond with each other, that would be cool.

“But yeah, Kris and Sally were just brilliant.”

The first season is made up of six episodes, with this week’s being the penultimate instalment.

Panic spreads throughout Shipton Abbott when an arsonist targets three local businesses.

Meanwhile, Martha has a lot to think about after her ex Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber) tried to kiss her.

Bamber claimed Archie was a better fit for Martha, joking: “She’d have a much better life with Archie.

“He’s a man of means, he’s infatuated by her. I’m a bit partisan here, but yeah, I don’t see what she sees in him [Humphrey].”

Beyond Paradise airs on Fridays on BBC One at 8pm.

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