Beyond Paradises Archie star calls it a ‘privilege’ to be in BBC show

Lorraine: Beyond Paradise’s Jamie Bamber details Martha slap

This year, the highly anticipated Death in Paradise spin-off made its debut as DI Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) and Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) started their new lives in Shipton Abbott. Beyond Paradise saw a wave of new characters introduced to fans including Martha’s former fiancé Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber).

After offering to help Martha with her new cafe, the Ten Mile Kitchen, Archie has played a prominent role in the BBC series.

With the duo becoming professional partners, Martha’s former flame has made it clear he still has feelings for her as he tried to make a move.

Despite her slapping him away, Martha’s conversation with Archie in the latest episode saw her have doubts about her own relationship with Humphrey.

With the first series of Beyond Paradise coming to an end, actor Jamie Bamber exclusively spoke to and other media publications on how he’s found starring in the BBC crime drama.

Speaking about whether or not he felt pressure taking on the role of Archie in the spin-off following the success of Death in Paradise, the actor replied: “There’s always pressure in every job.

“It’s like coming off the substitutes bench in a football or rugby match, there’s always pressure.

“You don’t want to let the side down, you want to do your job and you want to get picked for next week.

“So, yeah there’s always pressure. Death in Paradise, being such a big hit, it’s a privilege.

“You’re aware that you have a lot to upload but I didn’t feel particularly the pressure in that regard.

“I felt the scripts were different enough and I was really an admirer on a technical level of what they’d done to make them different.”

In the series, Archie has made it no secret about his feelings for Martha, although Jamie confessed he doesn’t think his character is a bad guy for coming between them.

He added: “They all like Martha. They both like Martha and they want what’s best for her.

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“I don’t think Archie’s a bad guy for, not proposing an alternative solution, but for being there.

“He’s confident whereas Humphrey is not necessarily confident in the same way that Archie’s confident.”

During the penultimate episode, it seemed Martha came to the same conclusion as she decided to call things off with Humphrey over them both wanting different things.

In the upcoming finale, Humphrey is left reeling from her decision to end their relationship as he decides to focus his attention on his work.

A synopsis for the episode reads: “A house has been burgled and all forensic evidence points to one suspect only.

“The only problem is that this suspect was locked up by Kelby in the station’s police cell.

“With the arrival of the suspect’s hard nosed lawyer, the team is under pressure to get results but with Humphrey distracted, it falls to Esther to take the lead on this investigation and crack the case.

“Meanwhile, despite her mother’s protestations, Martha remains firm, however painful it might be.”

Beyond Paradise continues Fridays on BBC One at 8pm.

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