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BIG Brother is back and tonight's episode is expected to leave houseguests reeling and 'in tears' following the Power of Veto competition.

The remaining 14 houseguests are paired up as "festie besties" for tonight's competition, which decides who will be saved in tomorrow's eviction vote.

If the POV is used tonight, it will save both members of the duo up for elimination and force HOH Matthew Turner to nominate another duo for the chopping block.

Right now, Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes are up for eviction after Pooch was eliminated from the Big Brother house on Sunday following a unanimous vote of 12-0.

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  • Carsen Holaday

    Nicole gets emotional

    Nicole clears one of the bedrooms and cries under her covers as she struggles with her decision to throw the veto competition to get rid of Taylor.

    "I have so much damn integrity that throwing this competition to prove my alliance with these people is messing with me," Nicole tells Daniel.

    "She's affecting my game," Daniel urges Nicole.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Nicole is onboard

    Nicole plans to throw the POV competition in order to help HOH Turner send Taylor home.

    "Right now, I really want to backdoor Ameerah so Nicole's plans to throw the game is helping me out even more," Turner admits.

    "This game is way more fun than I thought it would be."

  • Carsen Holaday

    Boys' scheme

    Turner decides to change gears and backdoor Ameerah instead of Taylor because she appears as a bigger threat.

    The boys' alliance decides that Ameerah is a big threat because she's smart, a superfan, and she is extremely loyal to the Girls Girls alliance.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Turner plans

    HOH Turner plans to backdoor Taylor to take her out.

    "That's just what's gonna happen."

    He discusses it with Nicole, Taylor's festie bestie, beforehand.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Competing best friends

    Brittany admits to the camera that she hates being on the block with Michael because he's her best friend in the house.

    She also reveals that she doesn't trust the Girls Girls alliance.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Tune in!

    Big Brother airs live NOW on CBS.

    Tonight’s episode will reveal who will win the Power of Veto competition.

    Michael and Brittany are currently up for eviction.

    Tune in now for all of the drama and to see if Michael win's the season's third POV!

  • Carsen Holaday

    Sunday's nomination ceremony

    At the nomination ceremony, HOH Turner revealed that he’s nominated Michael and Brittney for eviction.

    He told them that he’s “rooting for them” but admitted in the Diary Room that he doesn’t like Brittney’s game and is intimidated by Michael’s veto power as he won the first two vetoes of the season.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Big Brother 24 finale

    This season of Big Brother is set to last 82 days, with the finale scheduled for September 25, 2022.

    This is the 24th season of the series and it will be one of the shortest since season 14.

    Seasons 1 through 6 lasted for around 80 days before dropping to 72.

    Starting season 16, the format increased to 97 episodes.

  • Carsen Holaday

    Who is still in the Big Brother house?

    There are still 14 people left in the Big Brother house. They are:

    • Joseph Abdin
    • Michael Bruner
    • Kyle Capener
    • Jasmine Davis
    • Daniel Durston
    • Taylor Hale
    • Terrance Higgins
    • Brittany Hoopes
    • Ameerah Jones
    • Nicole Layog
    • Indy Santos
    • Alyssa Snider
    • Monte Taylor
    • Matt "Turner" Turner
    • Carsen Holaday

      Pooch's goodbye

      On Sunday, Pooch told Julie he was stunned to be voted out in his goodbye interview.

      He said that he had been shocked the vote was 12-0 but said he understood the cast’s decision.

      Julie revealed to Pooch the alliance of five girls and he admitted that he underestimated the women.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Julie has been hosting Big Brother since 2000

      Since Big Brother’s premiere in 2000, Julie has served as the show’s host.

      She was given the moniker “Chenbot” for her extremely rehearsed performance and interactions with the studio audience.

      However, when discussing it in interviews, she has said that she doesn’t find it offensive.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Who is Julie Chen Moonves?

      Julie Chen, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, was born in Queens, New York.

      In 1991, she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in broadcast journalism.

      Together with Andy Cohen, she interned at CBS Morning News to launch her career.

      Before relocating to Ohio to serve as a local news correspondent for WDTN-TV, she first started working at ABC NewsOne.

      Later, she served as the news anchor for CBS This Morning and CBS Morning News.

      In a private ceremony held in Acapulco, Mexico, she wed Les Moonves, the president and CEO of CBS Television, in December 2004.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Big Brother live feeds are available 24/7

      All the drama that can’t fit into each episode can be watched on Paramount Plus.

      The live stream is available to viewers who subscribe to the service around the clock.

      Two subscription packages are available from the streaming service.

      Users have the option of subscribing to a premium membership plan for $9.99 per month or paying $4.99 per month to access material without advertisements.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Power of Veto, explained

      The winner of this competition has the power to remove a contestant from the eviction block.

      If a houseguest chooses to use the Power of Veto (PoV), the HoH must put up a replacement nominee for eviction.

      The holder of the PoV is protected from eviction.

      Unlike HoH competitions, the HoH is allowed to participate in the PoV competition, as well as the two nominees.

      However, only six total contestants participate in the PoV competition; three houseguests who are not on the block or HoH are selected at random.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Head of Household, explained

      The houseguest who wins this title is rewarded with their own bedroom, and is responsible for nominating two of the other houseguests for eviction.

      The Head of Household (HoH) is safe from eviction that week and is not allowed to participate in the following week’s HoH competition, except for the final HoH competition of the season.

    • Carsen Holaday

      Who are The Leftovers?

      Monte, Turner, Joseph, Taylor, Brittany, Kyle, and Michael formed an alliance called “The Leftovers.”

      The group was inspired by the fact each member felt left out of other alliances.

      Their strategy is to target the girls’ group of Nicole, Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine, and Indy.

    • Carsen Holaday

      What are the ‘festie besties?’

      The new “festie bestie” twist shocked and confused fans as host Julie announced a new element to the show.

      The contestants paired in the first challenge and will compete together this week as a pair.

      If the Power of Veto is used, both members will be saved and the HOH will have to nominate two members instead of one.

    • Carsen Holaday

      The ‘festie besties’ pairs

      The ‘festie besties’ are a new element to the show this week.

      The pairs are as follows:

      Alyssa and Indy
      Ameerah and Terrance
      Brittany and Michael
      Daniel and Kyle
      Jasmine and Turner
      Joseph and Monte
      Nicole and Taylor

    • Carsen Holaday

      Where to watch Big Brother 24

      Every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm ET, Big Brother airs, while the live eviction episodes air on Thursdays at 9pm ET.

      The program is broadcast on CBS and streamed on YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and FuboTV.

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