Big Brother’s Matty ‘traumatised’ by ITV show and was ‘ready to leave’ house

Big Brother’s Matty Simpson admitted he’s "traumatised" from his six-week experience in the famous ITV house and “couldn’t wait” to leave the day before the final.

Over the past six weeks, fans have been gripped to their screens as they followed the 24-year-old doctor’s journey. During his time on the show, the hunk found himself in the middle of a love triangle between winner Jordan and Henry and formed close bonds with Trish and Olivia.

But his time on the show wasn’t quite as easy as it appeared to be on screen. Viewers were left utterly gobsmacked on Thursday (November 16) when, he hunk was evicted from the show just one day before the final, where Jordan was crowned champ. and joked he'd finally be able to pay his council tax.

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Yet Matty was as calm as a cucumber when he was delivered the heartbreaking news. Now, in an interview with Daily Star and other press, the Isle of Wight native has revealed some of his hidden struggles in the house.

When he was asked why he reacted so calmly to his eviction, Matty admitted that he had struggled to live with emotional turbulence in the house over the past week. He told us: “Everyone was expecting me to cry or to have a bit of a breakdown and everyone was shocked at my reaction.

“But I only think my reaction was so good because I was ready to go at that point. I didn’t come to win or be a celebrity and I was ready to go.

“That final week was so tough on the emotions. When there was only five of us left, I just had the horrible feeling that I’d just evicted Tom with Yinrun in that challenge.”

He went on: “So that anxiety and paranoia was really looming on me at that point. It was so savage the way that all three got fake evicted and I honestly just could not take any more twists and turns from Big Brother.

“I was finished, and I was kind of glad I went in a super savage, brutal way through the backdoor because it was iconic.” The medic later revealed that he has no plans to watch the series back because it “traumatised” him.

Matty continued: “I don’t like watching myself back because it feels very Metaverse-y, like a matrix sort of feeling. I will watch it back eventually but I'm honestly too traumatised to watch it back.

“The amount of emotional scarring that place put into me, oh my god.” When asked if he would ever return to the show in the future, he bluntly immediately chuckled: “No.”

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He added: “Honestly, I'm traumatised from it. Like I say that in a jokey way because I'm so grateful for the experience, like I had a ball, just the best experience of my life.

“But I have quite a stable emotional state outside of this place and [the house] was putting you up and down, up and down every few days. Maybe if I have a bit of a rest for a year or five, then I may be able to go back into the house eventually.

“But I've done it now and I've got the T-shirt,” he chuckled. Fans will have to stay tuned to see which of the final five contestants will win the show and take home the £100,000 jackpot.

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