Billie Faiers and husband Greg row over money she spends on handbags as he wants a swimming pool in the Mummy Diaries – The Sun

BILLIE Faiers has clashed with her husband Greg Shepherd over their home renovations to do on their home as he accuses her of spending too much money on handbags in an upcoming episode of The Mummy Diaries.

Billie, 30, and Greg, 33, are stood in their backyard with their architect, Andrew, as they debate the merits of installing a pool in their huge yard.

The Sun Online can exclusively share footage from the reality series that shows the mum of two telling Andrew she has an exact vision of what she wants for the backyard, when Greg interrupts her.

"Yeh I have a vision too… all I’m worried about is where the swimming pool will go," Greg says.

"That’s not a priority," Billie replies bluntly.

They then debate whether to have a covered pool, but Billie is adamant she does not want it in her backyard and would prefer the pool inside.

"Yeh but then it’s dangerous for the kids," Greg replies.

Billie patiently tells him: "I wouldn’t have a covered pool in front of my house, I want to look at my nice garden out my kitchen window not a big building."

"I want to look at my nice swimming pool," Greg interrupts again.

The former Towie star repeats that it's "just not a priority at the moment".

"Your handbags are, I suppose," Greg curtly tells her, as Billie awkwardly laughs.

The clip then cuts to the couple talking to the camera with Billie wearing a stylish long sleeve black top with puffy sleeves.

Greg presses his point: "The pool is a 100 million per cent definite, I’m going to stick a little bit of the budget aside for it and it will happen."

Billie looks away and stares with frustration to the side of the camera.

The couple got the keys to their new home in Essex at the end of January, but it could take up to 18 months for the renovations to be completed and it's safe for them to move in.

In the meantime, they're living nearby in another house in Essex which is where Billie grew up.

Billie joined the second series of The Mummy Diaries after her younger sister Sam – another former Towie star – was a hit in the first season.

The blonde beauty is a hit wherever she goes and is estimated to be worth a whopping £3 million.

She makes most of her income from reality series, but can make up to £10,000 for a sponsored Instagram post.

Billie also has her own clothing collection In The Style and a children's range with Asda.

She has been with Greg since 2013, and the couple married in a lavish ceremony in 2019.

The couple flew out 95 of their nearest and dearest to celebrate their nuptials.

Despite the reality star's photo's showing their tranquil wedding getaway, The Sun revealed that families at the resort were claiming that their holiday had been "ruined" after "film crews and yobs caused bedlam".

This came after The Sun exclusively revealed that Billie's drunk stepdad had been kicked off Maldives flight and passengers had endured a 13-hour journey from hell because of their 'bad behaviour'.

They became parents for the first time to a little girl called Nelly in 2014, followed by a son called Arthur born in March 2017.

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