Billy MAFS Australia: What happened to Billy Vincent? Who is his girlfriend?

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Billy Vincent was one of the singletons who took part in the social experience in MAFS Australia season six. While the show started airing in 2019 both on Channel 9 Down Under and E4 in the UK, filming for the series took place during 2018. He didn’t exactly have the easiest time on the show thanks to his bride Susie Bradley.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS Australia.

Billy, 30, was clearly delighted when he first laid eyes on his new wife beautician Susie walking down the aisle.

Unfortunately, the situation very quickly turned sour as Susie didn’t feel the same way when she saw her husband-to-be.

Things grew from bad to worse when he walked out on her while staying in her home, accusing Susie of treating him badly.

Fans grew concerned for his mental health as Billy broke down in tears.

He said on the show at the time: “I don’t mean to be spiteful or anything, but this experience has been one of the worst of my life.”

Billy continued to describe her as a “rude, obnoxious, nasty, woman”.

Unsurprisingly, the pair didn’t last to the end of the show with both of them choosing to part ways sooner rather than later.

Their marriage only lasted two weeks, ending with a very intense final commitment ceremony for the couple.

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What happened to Billy Vincent?

After leaving his time on MAFS Australia behind him, Billy became an Instagram influencer, promoting and selling products to his 50,000 followers.

He also works as a personal trainer and a model, with his social media filled to the brim of some of his work.

The former reality star, who now lives in Byron Bay, has been praised by fans for his new look with a different hairstyle, stubble and more rippling muscles than when he was on the show.

This change in appearance could have something to do with the new woman in his life.

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Who is Billy Vincent’s girlfriend?

Despite his relationship with Susie not working out, Billy has still managed to find love.

Back in May 2021, Billy revealed he was dating model and professional snowboarder Rani Siregar.

According to The Wash, the pair had been dating for 12 months.

Rani was forced to leave her home in Jindabyne due to the bushfires in that region.

Once she moved to the Gold Coast, Rani matched up with Billy on Tinder.

The coronavirus pandemic then hit which was a crucial moment in their love story.

Talking to the Australian publication, Rani said: “Billy invited me to move in with him around March due to Covid.

“Living together so soon [after meeting] was definitely an interesting way to develop our relationship.”

MAFS Australia is available to watch on All4.

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