Blueface Laments Feeling ‘Stuck’ With Chrisean Rock and Their Child in ‘Crazy in Love’ Season 2

The ‘Thotiana’ rapper, who alredy shares two children with his another baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, is caught in an argument with Chrisean after she confronts him for doubting that her child is his.

AceShowbiz -The drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock continues to heat up in season 2 of “Crazy in Love“. In the season premiere, the “Thotiana” rapper and his on-and-off girlfriend were caught in an argument as he lamented feeling “stuck” with their baby.

“I’m a nice guy,” Blueface says in the clip. “You’re pregnant with my child? I’m gonna rub your feet, I’m gonna rub your back. If you’re not pregnant with my child, and I’m rubbing your feet and rubbing your back, I’m gonna want to punch you in the stomach. You don’t get that?”

Not happy with Blueface doubting that her child is his, Chrisean Rock retorted, “Babe, I’m not lying about no f**kin’ child that you said you wanted to have with me.” She then stressed, “What are you talking about?”

Blueface then shot back, “What does that have to do with you lying?” He explained, “Man, this not your time right now, we not worried about you. Right now, it’s about me, and winning this fight. You can either support me and shut the f**k up or you can keep- I already said we’re not going right now. You’re talking about it!”

“I’m talking about you lying. I’m very hurt that I’m stuck with a liar for 18 years of my life, I’m very hurt. I don’t know what type of dad you think I am, but if the child is mine, regardless of how you feel, I’m gonna be a daddy,” the emcee continued. “So I’m stuck, I’m very much stuck. I’m not stuck with you at all, I’m stuck with a child by you.”

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