BMF star Michole Briana White on meeting real-life Lucille Flenory

Demetrius Flenory Jr. stars in BMF

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Michole Briana White stars as Lucille Flenory on Starz’s highly acclaimed crime series BMF. Ahead of the season two premiere, the actress spoke exclusively to about her new storyline and detailed meeting the real-life Lucille.

BMF tells the story of the Flenory brothers Meech (played by Meech Flenory) and Terry Flenory (DaVinci Juste) as they founded their drug and money laundering organisation.

Unlike most kingpins, the brother came from a humble, two-parent household but quickly grew tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

They idolised the luxuries drug supplier Boom (Wood Harris) had and eventually followed his blueprint for fast cash.

However, this didn’t come without danger as the brothers gained dangerous enemies and rocked their family dynamic.

After his father Charles Flenory (Russell Hornsby) discovered a weapon among Meech’s possessions he was soon kicked out of the family home.

While Terry was begged to change his ways for the sake of his newborn son, who also lived with the family.

Although Russell had zero tolerance for Meech’s actions, Lucille was trying to keep her family together and often met up with him without Russell’s knowledge.

As BMF is the onscreen adaptation of true events, Michole revealed she was able to gain some insight into the actual family relationship when she met the real Lucille.

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The actress reflected on accepting the role and revealed: “I wanted to know more just by looking at this material and I wanted to know more about this woman.

“It was amazing, just that she’s still alive and then I can actually speak to her and I’ve never had that experience before, I can call her up anytime.”

Michole told “It became really important to me to share her voice because it was never heard and for people to know that she and they raised their kids really well.

“I know that’s so important to Miss Lucille and I just wanted to represent her in the best way possible.”

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Despite Lucille’s efforts, cracks began to appear in her marriage after she began defending Meech from Charles.

This was seen when Charles learned that Meech had paid the mortgage after discovering the family home was going into foreclosure.

This sparked a major argument between Lucille and Charles, as he didn’t want anything to do with his son’s drug money.

During the interview, the actress also hinted at a possible break-up in season two.

Michole teased: “I think that they miss each other a lot and they both are in need of a lot of things and are in need of being seen.

“I think that things are too difficult right now to be able to see clearly and Lucille is working like crazy trying to manage and keep things together.”

She continued: “Working at Wendy’s and although Lucille finds joy and pride in everything she does, it’s still hard to kind of make ends meet by doing all that so she’s exhausted.

She’s really exhausted and does not feel seen or necessarily appreciated sometimes and so I think, finances and struggling to keep a roof over your head, and just to breathe sometimes and you miss a lot of things,” Micole explained.

“So, it’s brought about a lot of challenge changes all.”

BMF season two premieres on Friday, January 6 on Starz in the US and on LIONSGATE+ in the UK.

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