Bobby Brown Jr may have been 'partying too much' when he died but did not have drug problem & 'loved life,' rapper pal Mikey Polo says

BOBBY Brown's son may have been partying "too much" when he died – but did not have a drug problem, had a promising music career and loved life, his close friend, rapper Mikey Polo, has revealed.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Mikey told of his shock after hearing that Bobby Jr, 28, had been found dead at his father's house in Encino, California on Wednesday. It is not yet known how he died.

He described Bobby Jr as a fun and energetic person who was a talented singer – but said that any comparisons to his dad's or late stepmother Whitney Houston's well documented drug problems were false.

Mikey said: "Bobby was one of my close friends – we would be at the same house, making music together, partying together, chilling together, waking up on the couch and talking to each other.

"It's a huge shock to me – I was only just with him.

"Bobby was a real energetic person, he was cool, we'd all hang around in the same group of friends making music.

"He wasn't badly harmed or anything like that, he was found dead and we're still waiting for news on that.

"It was probably too much partying or something like that.

"But I want everybody to know that my bro Bobby was one of the best people – I know people are going to look at how his father grew up and everything that Whitney did – but not Bobby.

"He had a lot to live for and if he had a drug problem, trust me, we would have stopped it. I would not let Bobby do anything and f**k up in front of me. I've lost too many people to drugs.

"I know people are going to say, 'Oh he's Bobby Brown's son he must have taken too much coke or too much whatever' – I don't want anybody looking at him like a druggie who overdosed.

"He was ok, every time I was around him he was smiling, high energy, making music, planning music.

"Yeah he partied but he was just like me, enjoying his life and having a good time – not trying to do too much, but not trying to do too little. Just making sure he enjoyed his life.

"I was literally just with him, that's why it's so crazy, I was with him on the couch."

Mikey said that he, Bobby and their group of friends – mainly other producers and rappers – were all focused on their careers and spent their time making music.

He now plans to release some of Bobby's music for him.

"We had a lot of songs that are unreleased together, we talked about shooting videos for them," Mikey said.

"He was only 28 and his birthday was coming up – he had just released a music video, he had a lot of songs – he had big plans for his career.

"It's R&B and pop – Bobby was very talented – he could sing his a** off.

"Me and the bros are going to get together and end up releasing his music for him – there's no way he would want his music just to sit there.

"Bobby was a fun energy, vibrant, he'd come to the house and turn it up, he'd make sure you were in a good mood – if you weren't in a good mood – he wants to get you in a good mood."

He also dismissed reports that Bobby suffered from depression – but said that he did have his ups and downs – and sometimes felt under pressure in his career because he was Bobby Brown's son.

"Bobby was very happy – any depressive thoughts came from the pressure of the industry – you know his father was Bobby Brown," Mikey said.

"We all go through depression because of the weight of the industry – every day we wake up and have to keep doing what we're doing or people are not going to look at us like we are anything.

"I'm Mikey Polo now but I could become a bum on the street and no one would give a f**k about me.

"I'd say 60 percent of the time we're happy as f**k but the other 40 percent is real life business – you've got to look out for people around you that aren't doing s**t – but you still have to look out for them – then there's people that are doing s**t but don't look out for you.

"And there are people who are just weight on your shoulders but Bobby had even more weight because he had to live up to his dad's name.

"A regular person wouldn't know what that's like – we don't have jobs because if we got a job people would look at us like we failed in the music industry.

"Because of our careers he couldn't just go get a regular job, he couldn't say 'I'm going to go to Walmart earn some money real quick' – for him it was none of that – he was Bobby Brown Jr, he had to be a certain way, that was the pressure he was under.

"But he was not a depressive person.

"All our friends we are all producers and rappers and we would make sure we would keep good energy in the house, make sure we were making good music, good vibes only.

"We supported each other. This is a huge shock for all of us."

Bobby Jr was at his dad's house in Encino, Los Angeles, when LAPD officers found him dead at around 1:50pm on Wednesday.

Tragically Bobby Sr was at the same property when Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina also passed away, The Sun can reveal.

It is believed Bobby Sr, plus other friends and family members, were driven out of the apartment just before 8pm in BMW with tinted windows, six hours after police were called.

The vehicle left the apartment block via a side exit and sped away towards the 101 freeway.

An LAPD spokesman said foul play was not suspected. “The cause of death will now be determined by the coroner. Toxicology tests will be carried out,” he said.

A neighbor at the apartment complex told The Sun: “Bobby Sr comes and goes and he has had the apartment for a number of years.

“He was here when Whitney and his daughter died. We knew that because there were always photographers outside at the time, waiting for him.”

Another neighbor, Bill McClinton, 50, who has lived in the apartment complex for two months, said: “There were two police cars inside today.

“Officers were standing around and didn't seem to be in a rush. I didn't know the man who died but it’s really sad.

“It’s quite a high end, private place and people living there keep to themselves.

“The apartment where it happened is tucked away in a corner of the development.”

Bobby Jr’s death is the latest in a string of tragedies to strike the Houston-Brown family.

Whitney Houston died aged 48 from accidental drowning at the Beverly Hilton hotel in February 2012.

Her body was discovered face down in a water-filled bathtub and drug paraphernalia was nearby.

In a terrible twist of fate, Whitney and Bobby’s daughter Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a filled bathtub at her home in Alpharetta, GA, in January 2015.

Drugs were found in her system and she had bruising to her chest.
She died aged just 22 after six months in a coma.

Bobbi’s ex fiance Nick Gordon, who discovered her body, died on New Year’s Day from a drug overdose.

He had been held legally responsible for her wrongful death in a civil court case but had never faced criminal charges related to her passing.

The Sun reached out to representatives for Bobby Brown Sr for comment.

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