Brilliant! Antiques Road Trip expert stunned as 20th century painting makes huge profit

Antiques Road Trip: Stunning brooch earns profit of £70

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Antiques Road Trip toured Plymouth in a recent episode of the hit BBC programme. Paul Martin and Margie Cooper explored antique shops in the area hoping to find interesting items they could turn a profit on at auction. Paul was left stunned when he had huge success with an oil painting he had picked up for just £30. The expert made a big profit at auction when the picture sold for over three times what he paid for it.

Paul searched the art section of a Plymouth antique shop, explaining to viewers what type of paintings he likes to buy.

He began: “I love fine art. The reason being, they’re one-offs. Particularly oil paintings, not so keen on watercolours.

“I like the depth and the richness of the oils and the texture on the canvas,” he revealed.

Spotting a small painting in the corner of the room, Paul exclaimed: “That’s nice!

“It’s definitely a nice little coastal scene. It’s quite nice, it’s got a nice look to it,” he added.

Examining the picture further, the expert revealed he could tell it had some age to it.

He commented: “It’s not signed or dated. This is definitely English school. It’s 20th venture modern circa 1900, at the very latest 1920.

“It’s a very low horizon and that’s so typical with the Norwich school. You see an awful lot of low horizons dominated by a skyline with big clouds and trees.

“It’s oil on board and something like that would be cheaper than buying a print or a photograph, a modern one, and you’ve got something completely original.

“I like that a lot. It puts a smile on my face, makes me feel happy,” Paul remarked.

After carefully considering the piece, the expert eventually bought the painting for £30.

Later on in the show, the 20th century coastal scene went up for sale at auction, with Paul and Margie excitedly watching on.

As the auctioneer started the bidding at £50, Paul punched the air with excitement, knowing he was about to make a profit.

Offers quickly came flooding in for the oil painting, leaving Paul speechless.

“Hey, you’ve got 85!” Margie exclaimed, as the bids on the picture continued to rise.

She jokingly added: “Are you sure it’s not a lost masterpiece?”

The painting eventually sold for £95, over three times what Paul had originally paid for it.

As the sale was confirmed, Margie congratulated her co-star: “Well done, well done, yes.”

“It was a sweet little thing,” Paul laughed, in disbelief over the profit he’d made.

He remarked: “That’s brilliant isn’t it?”

Antiques Road Trip is available on BBC iPlayer.

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