Channel 4 is working on a controversial new show for single mums to match with a sperm donor – The Sun

IN 37 years of making trailblazing telly, Channel 4 has come up with some crazy concepts.

Now conception itself will form the heart of one of its most challenging shows ever. Producers are developing a programme where women keen to have a baby can choose sperm from different men based on their qualities.

The show sees a panel help the wannabe mums scrutinise the background of potential dads in a bid to find a gene pool they’d like to draw from.

A TV insider said: “This is a show which explores women who want to take complete control of their own fertility and what sort of family they want to create. And obviously the concept is one which will be challenging to viewers as it will not be seen as a traditional way to have children.

“But the reality is that, as things stand, women can already go through a similar process, particularly with the growth of online services that involve anonymous donors.

“So the idea is to examine that journey, how it can be improved and how, with more information about potential dads, they might make better decisions.”

The show will see the future parents, who sense the chance to have children is passing them by, meet with the aim of jointly ­parenting the child.

Plus there is always the potential for a relationship developing between the couple, though Channel 4 is keen to stress it is not a dating show for people ­looking for love.

It already sounds like they’ll be facing enough hurdles without adding romance to the mix.

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